8th House AstrologyA Guide To The Zodiac's Eighth House

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The eighth house, tells us how we are intimate and how we express ourselves sexually. It also shows how how and what we hide from others. It rules shared finances and inheritance. It alsoo governs taboo areas.

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Let’s take a look at the eighth house.

An image of 8th House and 8th eighth house astrology houses zodiac illustration. Simply put, the 8th house is the polar opposite of the 2nd house. Whereas the 2nd rules your own individual possessions, the 8th house rules what a relationship owns (joint finances).

What Is Astrology?

Eighth House Of Astrology-  What Is It?

In Astrology, the eighth House symbolizes issues of death and rebirth, sexuality, and transformation. As this house follows the house of relationship, it refers to the fruits of relationship, and these include the power to change based on new understanding made possible when one is no longer acting solely as an individual. Planets in this house are difficult to interpret, but may refer to how sexuality is manifested or to lessons you need to learn in order to grow and change. 

The eighth house of astrology gives information about the life span of a person, death, place of death and reason of death. It also tells about the interest of a person in deep studies and in relations. This house is the also called the ruler of death as it controls each and every aspect of death.

Simply put, the 8th house is the polar opposite of the 2nd house. Whereas the 2nd rules your own individual possessions, the 8th house rules what a relationship owns (joint finances).

The 8th House is one of the most misunderstood Houses. This is probably because the things represented by the 8th House seem to have nothing in common with each other, or they seem to be negative. This House governs death, regeneration, taxes, inheritances, wills & legacies, sex (the actual act of sex), latent occult ability, joint resources, your partner’s money and possessions, spouse’s money, bankruptcy, losses, personal sacrifices, alimony, clairvoyance.

On a positive note, this House is about transformation and healing. But transformation and healing require some type of death, loss, or injury first. This House rules those processes and things by which we transform and become more powerful. Yes, this includes the act of sex.

8th House Facts

  • House Ruler: Pluto.
  • Position: Succedent.
  • Keyword: Intimacy.

Word Summary of describing your attitude to things beyond your control and your relatives if you have an 8th House Sign Cusp:

  • Aries – Defiant
  • Taurus – Trusting
  • Gemini – Curious
  • Cancer – Emotional
  • Leo – Proud
  • Virgo – Critical
  • Libra – Reasoning
  • Scorpio – Excited
  • Sagittarius – Indifferent
  • Capricorn – Constructive
  • Aquarius – Pensive
  • Pisces – Worrying

Word Summary of how matters beyond your control – and relatives – affect you if you have a planet in your 8th House:

  • Sun – Important
  • Moon – Alluring
  • Mercury – Interesting
  • Venus – Attractive
  • Mars – Challenging
  • Jupiter – Expanding
  • Saturn – Restricting
  • Uranus – Enlightening
  • Neptune – Fascinating
  • Pluto – Dramatic

What Body Parts Are Related To The Second House Of Astrology?

The eighth house is related to the health of a person. It’s is related to the health of reproductive organs like genital organs. It is also related to chronic and limbs diseases. The problems related to reproduction, conception and gamete production are related and controlled by this house. It also controls the progeny of a person.

What Other Aspects Of Life Does It Reveal?

The Other aspects like marital life, friends, gains, losses, incidents, and accidents of life are revealed by this house. The number of accidents a person would face in his/her lifetime is controlled by this house. This house also reveals the interest of a person in research and things related to it; often the person who has a strong eight house is interested in research. It influences the amount a difficulties or problems a person will face in his/her lifetime.

Planets In The 8th House

Planets In The Eighth House

The eight house is ruled by the planet Saturn which brings a cautious and careful nature. Following is what different planets bring to the eight house of Astrology:-

An image of 8th House and 8th house astrology 1. Simply put, the 8th house is the polar opposite of the 2nd house. Whereas the 2nd rules your own individual possessions, the 8th house rules what a relationship owns (joint finances).

Sun In 8th House

The Sun brings interest in deeper studies and thinking. Person often tries to solve the unsolved mysteries of life. This planet also rules the mind of a person.

You feel complete when absorbed by another and are a therapist to all. You can be very deep, emotional and Fearful. You value truth, but will lie to protect yourself and those you love.

Moon In 8th House

The Moon brings fears and terror in mind. It also brings some unexpected difficulties and problems. And the person does not have good relationship with family and friends.

You had a fearful mother who was too attached to you at a young age, and told you too many awful secrets about people that skewed your view of the world. You are very emotionally unstable and crave relationships to help ground you. You are very psychically aware and mentally distant, and tend to absorb other’s fears.

Mercury In 8th House

Mercury brings a good thinker and writer. The person undergoes some painful situations which results in making him a great human.

Easily deceived, but you very quickly learn to see after you logically analyze every position you’re in. You might be mentally chaotic and have a hard time articulating all you thoughts. You always speak your own truth.

Venus In 8th House

Venus brings a bad childhood where the child faces abuse both physically and mentally. It also brings problems with loved ones because of emotional pain.

You’ve had endless cycles of bad love affairs, and find it hard to distance yourself from past lovers. Most likely sexual early in life, and can’t have a relationship without sex. Also, a one night stand might be too much for you to handle if it doesn’t become a relationship. You are very faithful to the one ur with.

Mars In 8th House

Mars brings aggressiveness, arguments, fights and bad attitude with closed ones over principles and values. This way of asserting yourself has to or likes to, express itself most of all in the pursuit of your self-worth and a financial income that matches that self-worth. Looked at in another way, your financial status reflects not so much the value you place upon yourself, but upon the energy that you are prepared to put into improving it.

If you simply desire to have plenty of money and are not too fussed about how you go about it, then money is what you’ll get. If on the other hand, it is an increased and truer sense of self-worth that you are after, then how much money you have should not be regarded as a measure of this. But whether it’s money or self-worth that you are in pursuit of, your Mars Profile as a whole reveals the pros and the cons of gaining them. It also indicates something of the nature of your worth and how your income is best earned

A victim of abuse, possibly sexual or violent. You feel repressed and unable to find determination to succeed. Learn focus and cultivate great power. If you were not actually a victim of abuse, you will learn of it’s reality and be affected by it at a very early age. Implanting sadness and fear on to you, making you afraid of the future and of others intentions.

Jupiter In 8th House

Jupiter in the 2nd house brings religious beliefs and high principles. The person also has a high worth and is often untrustworthy. It also brings possession with luxury item resulting in overspending.

You like to have something physical to show for your beliefs, so in proportion to the strength of your faith, you will accumulate money and possessions. The danger here is that this can become a substitute for faith itself.  For example, you could amass lots of things around you but feel hollow inside. The wisdom that you are after, or already possess, is that of using your flair for attracting wealth to guide and assist projects and people that are in need of it.

Saturn In 8th House

Saturn brings steady growth in finance and conservative values. Hard work and determination brings slow change in financial condition but does not bring self-satisfaction. These lessons and tasks focus particularly on the issues of self-worth and income or finances. Consequently, it is very likely that you either have trouble as a result of having too little money or too much of it. In the first case, you are striving to improve your self-worth and thereby attract a better income.

In the second case, you find it hard to know what you yourself are actually worth because others seem to judge you by what you own rather than what you are. Tightfistedness with yourself could arise from the first case – tightfistedness with others from the second. In either case, you are learning what is of real value in life. You could become an authority on quality

Uranus In 8th House

Uranus brings unexpected changes in financial statuses. It also brings luck which often results in a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle. Your urge for change and awakening reveals itself in those areas of life that are concerned with material substance and self-worth. If you yourself lean to a material view of life, then you probably regard change as something to resist or have well under control.

If you can lend stability where there is change or disruption, then this is a good expression of this, but if you are materially entrenching yourself against any kind of change, at some stage you could encounter something irresistible that forces a change. With regard to your sense of self-worth and the income that reflects it, these are possibly prone to erratic changes. On the other hand, self-worth and income would be made more secure in your having a talent for science, engineering, psychology or something unusual.

Neptune In 8th House

Neptune brings self-satisfaction. The person does not care about money, wealth and materialistic things. Also accepts what life is and enjoys every moment of life. It doesn’t bring a lot of wealth but more than enough to survive. You are sensitive about your self-worth and earning ability. On the other hand, you could be sensitive to money matters by having a sixth sense about them but it’s more likely that you find it hard to grasp or hold on to what you actually own.

This can mean that you are open-handed and don’t care too much about money, or that you’re forever depending on handouts and maybe have a ‘something will turn up’ attitude, or else when you have money it just slips through your fingers; you are also open to financial deception.The more you can tune into the mystery of where it all comes from and goes to (which has something to do with believing that you will be provided for in proportion to your spiritual worth) then the fewer financial problems there will be.

Pluto In 8th House

Pluto in the 2nd House brings emotional distress in childhood and poor financial state, making wealth the most important thing in one’s life. It also brings poor mental health and emotional life. Security and self-belief were threatened at a young age. In adulthood, could present itself as a struggle with low self-worth. Pluto is very transformational and if you allow yourself to dive into the hurt, pain and feelings that define your worth, you can come out very alive and very confident.

Any call to transformation is aimed at your attitude towards money and possessions and at material values in general.  You either find it easy to attract wealth in some material form or very difficult. In both cases, the issue is the same: you’ll have to learn what the actual value of material things is. When, on the other hand, your material assets are used generously and wisely, a never-ending supply line of material wherewithal is conferred upon you. 

8th House Through The Signs


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