About Us

This website was put together for 5 reasons.

1 Centralised Information Point

The main reason was so I could find all the information I was always looking for or talking about. When I am talking to friends, family and clients about Astrology, I would send a string of information and links that I used.

Now I can just send them here.

2Difficult to Understand

Astrology is a massive subject.

I still do not get half of it and I have been studying Astrology privately for 21 years.

I think the main problem is that it can be difficult to understand.

It can be hard to visualise explanations in real life examples.

I wanted to make astrology easier to understand so that it is easier to recall and retain information.

I also wanted a website that covered all aspects with understanding birth charts and synastry charts.

3 Synastry Astrology

One of the most interesting and popular areas of astrology is compatibility and synastry with other people, and I wanted to have a focus a lot of the content on that as well, so people can have a central base in which they can come back to.

Now I can just send them here.

4Web Project – Passion Project

I needed a private personal project that I could add to and grow without any end goal agendas. 


After years of really digging into this, testing theories and analysing birth charts and observing how people are interacting with each other, I now see it as an incredible tool for growth and learning. 

I like Astrology.

A lot.

Learn Astrology Today

If you’ve had an interest in Astrology for a long time, but have been overwhelmed and unsure where to start, you can check out our Complete Guide To Astrology.  


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