Sexual Synastry

A Guide To Personal Sexual Chemistry

Sexual Chemistry is one of the core building blocks of humanity.

With astrological sexual synastry between natal charts, what personal planets fuel our desires? What are the sexual aspects? What is sexual astrology? 

Here we’re going to write about what good sexual attraction in synastry is like between people. The astrology of love is never easy, but we can understand

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Sexual Astrology

Okay, we all know a bit about our own natal chart. If you do not, you can learn about reading your own birth chart.

But now, let’s say that you like someone. Astrologers will look at the synastry astrology between the 2 birth charts.

When looking at sexual astrology between 2 potential lovers, synastry between 2 peoples natal charts often uses key planets that make the feelings vary in intensity, depending on the planet.

It can apply to romantic partners or the intense physical attraction you feel when you meet someone for the first time.


  1. What is Sexual Synastry?
  2. What is Sexual Astrology?
  3. Indicators Of Sexual Connection
  4. What Is Sexual Compatibility Between Star Signs

What Is Sexual Astrology?

Synastry is how we describe the connection between 2 peoples birth chart reports.

The sexual synastry part is to highlight and examine, in detail, the success, planet position, sign compatibility and possibly even sex life between the sun signs and other vital planets between 2 people.

This is like normal synastry, but we’re focusing on reading the charts and astrology reports from a sexual chemistry point of view.

Sexual Compatibility Between The Signs

Often, as humans, we want to know the compatibility (including sexual compatibility) between two sun signs. Normally ourselves and someone we like/fancy.

Now, when we’re talking about compatibility, most horoscope advice is focusing on the compatibility between 2 sun signs. The sun represents our ego, core being and personality. Whereas Venus represents love and what we attract, and Mars represents passion and desire. So it seems extremely important that your venus sign and mars sign be more critical when examining the sexual astrology of any successful relationship. Here are some hot synastry aspects to look out for!

Things to look for in synastry:

Here we focus on indications of sexual attraction using Astrology as our tool. We are not discussing potential long-term compatibility between the sexes, not the love match–rather, signs of initial sexual attraction and knee-jerk reactions between two people.

Nor are we talking about the physical act of sex. What makes you feel like the other person would be a fantastic lover.

The style in which these connections take place will vary between the zodiac signs. Scorpio will express synastry connections differently than Cancer.

Indications Of Sexual Attraction & Compatibility:

  • Venus Mars
  • Mars Mars
  • Sun Mars
  • Venus Pluto
  • Moon Mars
  • Moon Pluto
  • Eros Mars

Venus Mars Synastry:

This aspect especially potent when the woman’s Venus is being aspected by the man’s Mars. When you have a “double-whammy”, it’s even better. This would be when your Venus aspects your partner’s Mars, and when your Mars aspects your partner’s Venus.

The planet Venus represents love, affection, and romance, while Mars is the planet of passion and raw sexual energy. Together, these two make fireworks. The Mars person will feel loved and adored by the Venus person and finds that energy very beautiful. The Venus person, on the other hand, is energized and sexually stimulated by the Mars person. When this inter aspect shows up in synastry, true sexual compatibility is indicated.

When it’s the woman’s Mars thats aspecting the man’s Venus (mars venus), the man may feel that the woman is a little too aggressive/assertive for his taste. This depends on each person’s individual chart. Perhaps, it might work for some, like with conjunction, sextile and trine aspects. In these cases, the sexual energies and attraction are indicated with both parties.

When we’re talking about square and opposition aspects, attraction and great sex are still noted. However, the Venus person can find the Mars person somewhat aggressive and read that the Mars person is only interested in sex. Or that is how they perceive their energy.
Equally, the Mars person read the Venus person too stuffy or flowery. The planetary mars venus connection will always be the most traditional of all of the relationships. The Venus and Mars story has been throughout history

Mars Mars Synastry:

You cannot stress the importance of having two compatible Mars signs when talking about great sex! When a couple’s Mars planets are in harmonious aspects to each other, your sexual energies and drives will match well. You’ll enjoy the same things sexually, and it’ll feel natural to please one another. Things will feel “natural” with the other person. The square and opposition aspects though can be tricky, as it indicates discordant sexual styles. However, if there are additional supportive aspects, the Mars square or opposition can still work.

Mars conjunct Mars would be highly charged assertive/aggressive sexual chemistry. It does not represent love, but more like carnal synastry regarding sexual drives. It can also be a clashing of egos and a mirroring of temperaments, which can add to the tension.

Sun Mars Synastry:

Both the Sun and Mars are masculine energy planets. When these two planets make aspects in synastry, sexual compatibility is indicated. Often, body rhythms naturally match well and know how to please each other. The Mars energy is sexually attracted to the Sun person, and the Sun person’s sexual desires are stimulated by the energy of the Mars person. This aspect represents a strong attraction to each other’s bodies, especially for the conjunction, trine, and sextile aspects. The opposition and square aspects can lead to conflict and ego clashes, but the attraction is still indicated.

Venus Pluto Synastry

The Venus Pluto aspect is one of the hottest synastry aspects two people can have! Pluto conjunct Venus represents sex, passion, intimacy and obsession, while Venus represents love, connection, beauty, and affection. What do these 2 planets coming together signify? GREAT SEX!! This combination stimulates each other’s desire to experience the depths of sexual intimacy. Physical intimacy is especially important with this inter aspect; There is a strong desire to be physically close to each other. You may even find you become obsessed with one another! Even if the rest of the compatibility is terrible. This aspect also lends itself to power struggles and domination. More coming from the Pluto person, as they feel a strong desire to “merge” with the Venus person. Here, Pluto finds Venus intriguing and beautiful. Venus, on the other hand, is strongly sexually attracted to Pluto. Pluto energy allows Venus to know her primal, sexual feelings. This will be electric if the aspect is conjunction. The trine and sextile aspects indicate intense but harmonious sexual interactions. These soft aspects deepen the intimacy shared by the couple, but not in the powerful, obsessive or destructive way, like the conjunction.

With square and opposition aspects, intense sexual energies are also indicated. The problem here is an additional, unhealthy desire to control one another through jealousy manipulation and possessiveness. The square and opposition can also mean sexual and financial exploitation, as well as abuse. Nevertheless, Pluto Venus in synastry is just plain hot.

Moon Mars Synastry:

In synastry, this is another sign of true sexual compatibility. The attraction is somewhat instinctive in its nature. This aspect is better when the woman is the Moon person, and the man is the Mars person. Like Venus-Mars inter-aspects, mars moon inter-aspects represent the male/female or yin/yang energy between couples. The Mars person instinctively senses the needs of the Moon person and strives to fulfil them. In turn, the Mars person is attracted to the Moon at a fundamental level; mars find the essential femininity of the Moon very sexually appealing. The Moon person gets “turned on” by the Mars person’s advances. The attraction is very primal in nature. It fuses emotionalism and feelings into sex, which is incredibly highly satisfying for both people.

I believe all Moon-Mars aspects bring this energy into any partnership. However, the harder aspects, square and opposites, can manifest outside the bedroom as emotional arguments and hurt feelings, while the more delicate aspects indicate supportive energies between the two.

Mars Pluto:

This synastry aspect is HOT! The pluto mars connection indicates overwhelming passion and intensity, due to a raw, powerful, sexual energy which permeates between the couple. With this aspect between 2 people, sex is intense and transformative, and the need to be physically close to each other is paramount. The sexual magnetism to each other is powerful.

One of you might be more physically demanding of the other. If you’re not careful, this could give rise to conflict and power struggles.

Mars Eros:

This synastry aspect is INSANE! Mars is the planet of passion, desire and sexual drive and Eros is the physical act of sex. So having Mars and Eros conjunct each other in the same sign is possibly the best sex you will ever have.

Hands down.

Does that mean you WILL have sex? Not necessarily. Attraction and compatibility rely on many other factors. If one person does not find the other attractive


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