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Third House Of Astrology-  What Is It?

In Astrology, the third house in the house of the mind and controls a person’s mind, communicating skills and intellect. It regulates a person’s desires, dreams and ability to deal with certain problems. The 3rd house of astrology explores courage and will power of a person. It also has a major impact on a person’s health and attitude. It also controls a person’s relationship with siblings and neighbors.


House Ruler: Mercury
Position: Cadent
Keyword: Mind

What Body Parts Are Related To The Third House Of Astrology?

The 3rd House is related to the health of some parts of a person’s body. It mainly effects the health of voluntary parts of a person’s body. The health of right ear, neck, throat, shoulders, bones, upper limbs is effected by the third house of astrology. It also controls the mental health and physical growth of a person. A strong house does not necessarily means good health of a person.

What Relations Are Affected By The Third House Of Astrology?

The third house of astrology affects a person’s relationship with his/her siblings, neighbours, coworkers and classmates. It is mainly concerned about your relationship with your siblings. It also has an impact on your neighbourhood, travelling, short distance trips and all the means of local transports.

What Potentials Are Revealed?

The third house astrology reveals the potential of a person’s mind or the potential of mind to deal with difficulties and certain problems. This house has a major impact on a person mind and ability to deal with difficulties. If a person has good third house astrology that means he has good mental stability but it does not mean that the person will have good health of voluntary organs. People with strong third house are more interested in sports and defence but being their third house strong they have to go through some major problems also.

Planets In The Third House

The major planets which affect the third house of astrology are Mercury and Mars, where Mercury is responsible for curiosity and communication and Mars is responsible for competition and aggression. Following is what different planets bring to the third house astrology:-

Sun In 3rd House

The Sun in the third house brings a person’s focus on interest, self-will, sports and competition. It brings healthy competition between people to help them grow mentally.

Moon In 3rd House

The Moon in the third house brings a lot of emotional attachment to certain desires which causes emotional pressure and distress.

Mercury In 3rd House

Mercury in the third house shows a skilled communicator. It also brings a lot of interest in languages and general communication with different people.

Venus In 3rd House

Venus in the third house brings interest in art, relationship, creativity and beauty. But the person might get overwhelmed by the competition and become unable to stand up and fight for himself or herself.

Mars In 3rd House

Mars brings strength, courage, vitality and passion to pursue some goals. There may be a lot of arguments with siblings and other people in general.

Jupiter In 3rd House

Jupiter in the 3rd house brings the qualities of a leader like a rational mind, deep thinking and higher imagination. It also brings a deeper understanding of the deep questions in life which makes the person a perfect leader.

Saturn In 3rd House

Saturn in the 3rd house brings interest in traditional teaching, conservative and practical methods, but such kind of person is slow to adapt and resists any change.

Uranus In 3rd House

Uranus in the third house brings the most extraordinary changes in a person’s life and the limits to these changes is not yet known.

Neptune In 3rd House

Neptune in the 3rd house brings shallow mentality and a lot of problems. Pursuing education becomes very difficult and the person is irresponsible most of the times.

Pluto In 3rd House

Pluto brings higher thinking and deeper understanding. The person has a mind which can understand and detect better than a normal person.