Intercepted HousesOur Guide To Astrological Inceptions

Last Updated: September 22nd, 2023 | Reading Time: 29 minutes
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An image of Intercepted Houses and . Note: This article is about Intercepted Houses.  If you do not know about Astrology Houses in general, check it out.

Astrological Interceptions:

What Are They?

All astrological signs of the Zodiac are the same size, 30 degrees each.

Astrology Houses, however, can have different sizes (unless you are using Equal House system).

Since the houses and angles of a birth chart are worked out on the axis of the earth, the further away you get from the Equator, the greater the differences in house size become.

This makes it possible for some signs in a horoscope to be intercepted. 

These are known as Interceptions.

In other words;

An interception is when you have a house larger than 30 degrees AND it is engulfing an entire sign.

A sign is totally enclosed in a house, and, as a result, they do not appear at the beginning of any house.

An interception is NOT when you have two signs in one house–every chart has that naturally.

An interception is only when you have at least two houses with three signs inside.

Astrology Houses

Note: This article is about Intercepted Houses.  If you do not know about Astrology Houses in general, check it out.

Intercepted House Example

Check out the example below.

An image of Intercepted Houses and Intercepted sign. Note: This article is about Intercepted Houses.  If you do not know about Astrology Houses in general, check it out.

In this example, The 12th House begins in the sign of Aries and the 1st House/AC starts in Gemini.

No House BEGINS in Taurus, so the 12th house is Intercepted and the intercepted sign is Taurus.

In this example, there are no planets in Taurus, so there are no Intercepted Planets

Interception Meanings

What does it mean when you have intercepted signs?

Quite simply that you’ll probably have difficulty accessing and expressing that sign. It’s there, in your chart, but you can’t see it clearly.

As often happens in these circumstances, whatever is represented by these signs can be bottled up, repressed and possibly show themselves inappropriately.

To limit this, you need to be conscious of it and work it accordingly. Very often, the way that you express these signs is through their shadow or low energy.

This makes sense too as very often what you’re feeling is frustration.

An intercepted Aries could see the affairs of that house dealt with through aggression, frustration and impatience- usually as a result of a previous inability to assert yourself or long periods of inaction and daydreaming.

On the opposite side of the chart, intercepted Libra could have difficulties in establishing balanced partnerships with excessive criticality or martyrdom getting in the way.

Intercepted Houses & Karmic Reincarnation

With an interception, the houses intercepted indicate a past and present life karmic dynamic; I.e., they show a past-life-karmic failure which will be dealt with in this lifetime no matter what.

The intercepted signs show a karmic imbalance that has occurred, now to be finally resolved and brought into balance. The lack of balance may be within the person’s own development or is suited to assist other’s with balancing this axis.

The most important thing for a person with an interception to know is that there is no need for feeling like a failure or feeling guilty, which is often the case. The nature of the interception causes feelings of frustration. When looked at objectively, it will be clear that the axis is well on its way toward balance, especially by mid life.

The intercepted house polarity is the part of consciousness that the native feels like a complete failure about, when it is in fact the part of themselves that is developing the most.”

An image of Intercepted Houses and intercepted houses symmetry. Note: This article is about Intercepted Houses.  If you do not know about Astrology Houses in general, check it out.

Intercepted Sign Symmetry

The thing about a horoscope is that it’s symmetrical, so opposite houses will be the same size.

In the example here, the 2nd house starts in Aquarius and then spans ALL of Pisces and then ends with the beginning of the 3rd house in Aries.

An image of Intercepted Houses and Intercepted sign house astrology. Note: This article is about Intercepted Houses.  If you do not know about Astrology Houses in general, check it out.

Now you can see that the 8th house is doing the same, but on the opposite side. Starting in Leo, finishing in Libra and completely engulfing Virgo.

It is better to interpret intercepted signs in pairs. Opposite signs normally work as a team.

Take a combination like Virgo-Pisces. A person with an intercepted Pisces may struggle to discriminate or be practical in the area ruled by that house. In the opposite house where Virgo is intercepted, they could be excessively focused on details and find it difficult to get the big picture.

With intercepted signs, the link is broken. The opposite signs cannot balance each other. The effects will manifest mostly in the areas of life that are governed by the houses containing the interceptions.

An image of Intercepted Houses and intercepted signs. Note: This article is about Intercepted Houses.  If you do not know about Astrology Houses in general, check it out.

Intercepted Signs

Let us take a look at some of the interceptions below and see how they play out in the signs, planets and houses.

Note: There is often a significant overlap when talking about the signs and the houses they rule.

Intercepted Sign in Aries / Libra:

Intercepted Aries: You either give too much or take too much because you don’t understand what is yours and what is theirs. Usually, it’s the former, because earliest in your development you were not taught the Aries nature of taking things for yourself. Not owning anything of your own, creates a strong desire to know yourself now sincerely, and to create something that only you can have.

Intercepted Libra: Having the opposite sign of Libra also intercepted, creates a strong desire for relationships that you never got to experience. For whatever reason, you, ultimately never felt worthy of someone else’s love since you never accepted yourself (Aries). This lack of Aries creates insecurity inside that doesn’t allow you to offer yourself to another. Focusing on growing yourself, will bring you to someone who will love you for everything you already are.

Intercepted Sign in Taurus / Scorpio:

Intercepted Taurus: Not having Taurus as part of your development, means you never learned how to hold on to your own opinions, or allowed yourself to have nice, clean, and comfortable things. Maybe there was even a lack of love, as Taurus is ruled by Venus, you desperately craved to hear that you were liked as a person. Your security was stifled at a young age, and you never felt sure of yourself or valued. As you grow, connect with yourself more, develop a strong sense of self-love.

Intercepted Scorpio: Not having Scorpio means not having solitude and never allowing yourself the freedom of stepping into the dark world inside yourself. After all, if you you are missing love and value (Taurus), compensation will tell you to refuse the feeling of loss through avoidance, and there you will never learn how to actually cope with it. Losing things and people, is hard to handle for an intercepted Scorpio person, because you don’t know where they’ve gone. You might spend many years of your life like a zombie, with your foot half in depression, and half in life, until you fully immerse yourself into love and loss. Don’t worry, we intercepted people always find what we’re looking for.

Intercepted Sign in Gemini / Sagittarius:

Intercepted Gemini:  With an intercepted Gemini, feeling free to speak is a luxury that only other children get to feel, you have to learn to conquer that with time and age. As you grow you might find that it is only you who is holding yourself back from saying your thoughts – everyone around you has been waiting to hear you speak for ages now. You will learn that people will hinder others, in order to remain unquestioned and unopposed, but that does not have to apply to you anymore.

Intercepted Sagittarius: A Sagittarius interception have a hard time taking themselves away from the straight and narrow path they were put on, but they secretly and subconsciously plan their escape, and then leave abruptly, confusing everyone around them. You could also find that as an adult, you spend all your time seeking truth and sharing it because you can’t seem to get enough of this magical world that you get to call your home.

Intercepted Sign in Cancer / Capricorn:

Intercepted Cancer: With an intercepted Cancer house, you were not given nurturing and emotional connections in your development. There’s a tendency to shy away from hugs and cuddles, and any person or thing that wants to create warmth around you because that’s not what you received at home. Feeling and emoting seems like the furthest thing from easy, as you were taught to “conceal your feelings, don’t let them show”. Well, time to stop thta.

Intercepted Capricorn: With Capricorn intercepted and without the ability to feel (Cancer), you lack the ability to intuitively know how to take power in your life. You always feel powerless, with an inability to set yourself up for success. “Why should I be able to build an empire and feel strong? I should put on a happy face and never put myself out there to fail. Do it all for your own happiness, and mental health. You are worth it.

Intercepted Sign in Leo / Aquarius:

Intercepted Leo: Leo intercepted is like the caged Lion and because Leo the Lion is the King, so can you not rule a single house in your chart? You were not taught how to roar or feel inner strength and ego. That it’s silly to allow yourself to shine above others. You learned you didn’t deserve the praise that other people could get so easily. There’s an unconscious need to receive what you were not given, and so as an adult, you still seek the attention to flattering your ego.

Intercepted Aquarius: Since Aquarius has no ability to give of itself, it’s hard for you to rebel, or give any original ideas out into the world. I mean, if you worked super hard to create for the mainstream, and you were shot down, it becomes that much harder to share your originality, and allow your freak flag to fly. Aquarius is also the water-bearer, bringing useful things to those in need – If you are not worth anything, what would the less the fortunate actually want from you?

Intercepted Sign in Virgo / Pisces:

Intercepted Virgo: Virgo is mundane, and with this interception you were denied the mundane, the routine and the order. You might have been allowed to stay up until the sun came out, even though you had school the next morning, because who really cared anyway? And school? Not really enforced. If you did your homework, it seemed to be no one’s business, but your own. It’s hard to structure you and for you to find routine, but you are also a slave to habits, which may not be that good for you. Being denied the teachings of a good routine, you still had to create one to survive, and so you immediately fought back with your own compensation. As an adult, you start to see how ridiculous your routines are, but the habits you created early on, are sometimes very hard to let go of–no matter how silly.

Intercepted Pisces: If you cannot structure yourself (Virgo) it becomes hard to reach REM sleep, and so it becomes hard to dream. Dreams are also a metaphor for ambition, creativity and optimism–all those are hard to find when you seem to have no time whatsoever to think about them. You’re too busy playing video games, when your mom yells to you that your dinner is now in the fridge, and that everyone ate without you, to have time to dream. Pisces also represents spirituality, and so you as an adult you are not only chasing impossible dreams (that you will reach), but you are also seeking enlightenment from a higher power, guru, or something else to guide you, since you cannot seem to guide yourself.

An image of Intercepted Houses and intercepted planets. Note: This article is about Intercepted Houses.  If you do not know about Astrology Houses in general, check it out.

Intercepted Planets

Intercepted Sun: Your ego, essence and entire being was denied praise. You feel like you are never allowed to compliment yourself without someone telling you that you’re vain.  You can’t share love for yourself without others rejecting you in spite. The Sun is also the father figure, and so you might not have had a very close relationship with your dad, if you ever knew him at all, literally or figuratively.

Intercepted Moon: Your emotional nature was denied. You have a hard time getting in touch with your true feelings–even when you try, it’s like they are hidden behind some invisible forcefield. The Moon is also representative of your mother figure, and so you might have had a hard time connecting with your mom. No matter how hard she tried (or didn’t try) she could never give you what you needed.

Intercepted Mercury: It’s close to impossible to believe in your mental capabilities and the words you have to say. Maybe you were told you were stupid, even when it couldn’t be further from the truth. You might have been lied to, or told not to have your own mind, by those close to you growing up. You are always seeking the truth, and you value honesty above all.

Intercepted Venus: You may have been loved, but for some reason, it never connected to you. Maybe you felt that you were not conceived out of love, or that your parents had no love for you–for whatever reason that is unique to you, you have a hard time with love and confidence. Ultimately loving yourself despite it all, will be your saviour.

Intercepted Mars: It’s very hard for you to express yourself and to find ambition. Like where are you? Who are you? What do you want? Are you even mad about it? You can seem very directionless with an intercepted Mars, and it will take you to finally assert yourself through your own intervention. No one else can help you with this.

Intercepted Jupiter: You were never given the direction you needed, so you don’t know what path to jump on in order to get that “lucky break”.  Jupiter feels like luck when in actuality it’s just you reaching the part of you with the greatest potential for expansion–either way, you can’t reach it. You feel like the unluckiest person in the world, and even find that the people you get close to, seem to get luckier by association (normally because of their own conjunctions to your Jupiter). When you find someone that is willing to return some of the optimism they steal from you, you will be able to unlock the potential that Jupiter has to offer.

Intercepted Saturn: You might feel totally powerless against the karmic lessons coming your way. How are you supposed to fix your issues, if you don’t even know why you’re having them? Saturn is representative of the authoritative figures in your life, and so often times, Saturn is intercepted because the person who was supposed to be teaching you right from wrong, threw out random life rules whenever it suited their own needs, which was super confusing to you. Taking it easy and learning patience will help you completely figure out how to fix your Saturn Karma.

Intercepted Uranus: Uranus is crazy and rebellious nature. You might find that people think you are rebelling when you are desperately trying not to. You try hard to walk the straight and narrow because you don’t even understand what it takes to be different. Releasing your own personal uniqueness into the world will help you get control over it, so that you might use it well, and change the things you hate.

Intercepted Neptune: Neptune represents your dreams, and so with this intercepted, you feel that you could never have a dream in the first place. Maybe you were never taught to access this part of yourself, or maybe even yelled at when you started having “wild thoughts”.  You need to allow yourself the ability to believe in love and optimism and that Universe has a special purpose for you, and Neptune’s power will come to you.

Intercepted Pluto: Pluto, simply put, is Control. Also, it rules death and transformation, and so maybe you feel powerless to the will of others. You have a great desire to be transformed, but it seems like a scary thing. Darkness is not something that you allow yourself to feel.  Diving into that darkness, no matter how difficult, will help unlock your inner demons and transform.

Intercepted Houses

An image of Intercepted Houses and intercepted house. Note: This article is about Intercepted Houses.  If you do not know about Astrology Houses in general, check it out.

Intercepted Houses

Let’s take a look at the intercepted houses and how they are manifested when the polarities are intercepted.

1st House And 7th House Intercepted

  • Difficulty in first impressions and partnerships. The problem areas are “presenting” yourself (1st house) and partnerships (7th house). The nature of the intercepted signs will show the specific problem areas.

2nd House And 8th House Intercepted

  • attitude towards money, possessions, personal values, and, more importantly, your sense of self-worth needs to be worked on
  • The problem areas are your attitude towards sex and sexuality in general, as well as how you relate to the values of all groups you belong to.difficulty with values of others, inheritance, taxes or insurance

3rd House And 9th House Intercepted

  • Difficulty in things ruled by House 3 communications, transportation and things nearby. Early education, siblings. Problems with communication and transportation. There could also be difficulties with education and siblings, all of which are ruled by these two houses.
  • House 9 – religion, belief systems, voyages, foreign things, higher education and learned people.

4th House And 10th House Intercepted

    • Problems dealing with parents, with authority of all kinds. Real estate. These are parental houses. Now just about everyone has problems with parents. But there could also be difficulties with home life in general, as well as all matters connected with domestic real estate.
  • The early problems with parents could easily repeat later in life in the relationship with the “boss” and in career problems and how you are seen publically.

5th House And 11th House Intercepted

  • Blocks in creativity and expression. A difficulty with children or relating to them. It might be difficult to let loose and have fun.
  • House 11 is the house of hopes and wishes. It is also colleagues and friends and society as a whole.

6th House And 12th House Intercepted

  • Problems when you are in charge of others, health or issues with pets. An intercepted sixth house shows potential problems with work, relations with co-workers and subordinates, service that you can give, and also your health.
  • Difficulties with self-sabotage, secret enemies or institutions. It also indicates giving clues to problems with your subconscious.


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