Mercury Sign The Definitive Guide 2018

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This page is about the planet Mercury.
The first of the planets, Mercury is the planet is known as the messenger. It’s also famous for Mercury Retrogrades.

Mercury rules communication and the mind.

It represents the filter in which we communicate our thoughts and ideas. It is also the filter in how we receive and process information.

Let’s take a look at Mercury and Mercury Signs.

An image of Mercury Sign and mercury sign planet. Let’s take a look at Mercury and Mercury Signs.

What Is Mercury In Astrology


Mercury is the planet of intelligence and communication style. It governs our rational and intellectual faculties, perception and reason, memory, speaking, and writing.

Mercury reflects your capacity to collect, sort, and communicate the knowledge you gain through your experiences and your senses. It reflects the way you see, hear, understand, and process information and its the logical and vocal filter for our sun sign and moon sign.

Mercury rules two signs: chatty Gemini and analytical Virgo. Gemini is the yang, or masculine, the outward expression of Mercury;  Virgo is the yin, or feminine side and the analytical aspect of Mercury. 

Mercury doesn’t just rule communication. It also represents coordination. Thought processes, small talk, ideas, and sensory information from both conscious and unconscious sources all need to be coordinated and understood. Mercury analyses, sorts, groups, and makes sense of things. How do we express and convey our thoughts?

Mercury also has to do with transportation and short trips, and the nervous system.  This also is the ruler of the infamous ‘mercury retrogrades’.

The positive manifestations of Mercury include clever speech, eloquence, persuasiveness, success with public speaking and a sharp, quick mind.

The more negative manifestations include restlessness, a tendency to be critical, sarcastic, argumentative and sly.

Mercury Planet Summary

  • Planet: Mercury
  • House Ruler: 3rd & 6th House
  • Ruler of: Gemini & Virgo
  • Detriment: Sagittarius & Pisces
  • Exalted: Virgo
  • Fall: Pisces
  • Modality: Mutable
  • Polarity: Yin / Yang
  • Light Traits: Expression
  • Shadow Traits: Restlessness
  • Keyword: I THINK
  • Symbol:
An image of Mercury Sign and mercury glyph icon. Let’s take a look at Mercury and Mercury Signs.

Mercury Sign Meaning

In modern times, we tend to “meet” people’s Mercury first. Many people make a connection for the first time through e-mails, for example. Mercury determines whether we are business-like even in our personal communications, or flowery or concise with our words.

Mercury also rules coordination. Thought processes, ideas, and sensory information from both conscious and unconscious sources all needs sorting and understanding.  Mercury sorts, groups, analyzes and makes sense of things. 

When we are “acting out” our Mercury, we are curious, communicative, inquisitive, and versatile. 

An image of Mercury Sign and mercury. Let’s take a look at Mercury and Mercury Signs.

Mercury Symbol / Glyph

The glyph of Mercury is represented by a circle with what appears to be 2 horns. Below the circle is a cross. The symbol is exactly like the Venus symbol except for the 2 horns.

It could represent a human figure, with the horns each representing as a different aspect of Mercury’s rule.

An image of Mercury Sign and mercury glyph icon. Let’s take a look at Mercury and Mercury Signs.

Mercury Sign Calculator

If you want to know the sign Mercury is in for you, you can use our mercury sign calculator. It will tell you your mercury sign and all of the other planets as well.


List Of Mercury Signs

Mercury through The Signs – An Overview

So now that we have discussed Mercury let’s take a little look at how this planet manifests itself through each zodiac sign in a bit more detail. Every astrological sign has a specific set of qualities – positive and negative.

An image of Mercury Sign and zodiac aries signs3. Let’s take a look at Mercury and Mercury Signs.

Mercury In Aries

Mercury (to communicate) in Aries Sign (energetic and urgent).

People with a fire sign moon often have a quick mind. These people express themselves energetically and impulsively, with a sense of urgency. They are good at thinking up new ideas and communicating them (Cardinal), sometimes very forcibly.

They prefer to talk about things at the moment and enjoy conflict (fire). They are direct and honest (as you see it) (active). With Mercury in Mars-ruled Aries, they are direct and outspoken in their speech and actions.

Their thoughts are original and filled with enthusiasm and high energy. They love a good argument or debate and like to compete and strategize with their mind. They say what they mean and don’t pull any punches.

They’re opinionated and love to share those opinions, even if not asked to do so. It is hard for them to sit still.

Their thoughts and words are quick and impulsive, and They’re may at times suffer from foot-in-mouth disease. Their plans may be evident. Great wit and an entertaining personality help make them popular.

They don’t like to be told how to do things and want the freedom to do things their way. There may be quick-tempered, but hardly ever carry a grudge. They get over things quickly, then move on.

An image of Mercury Sign and zodiac taurus bull sign3. Let’s take a look at Mercury and Mercury Signs.

Mercury In Taurus

Mercury (communicate) in Taurus (Enduring and Possessive).

With Mercury in Taurus, your manner of thinking and expressing thoughts is slow and quite deliberate.

You’re not known for changing your mind quickly, and you don’t have any reason to do so. You are determined, practical, methodical, and conservative in most things you do.

You have patience and the ability to stick with things until the end. You may assimilate material at a slower pace than others, but once a concept is learned, it is never forgotten.

You hate being forced or rushed into a decision or an action. You want time to think it all through and evaluate the practicalities of the situation. Once your mind is made up, that’s it. It will take a lot to undo it.

Perseverance is one of your best traits. You enjoy sustaining what others have started, especially if you can see tangible, practical results. You love to build things.

You succeed not so much because of your mental brilliance, but because you can concentrate and follow a project through to its completion.

You may have an artistic or musical aptitude. Perhaps you sing or speak for a living.

An image of Mercury Sign and zodiac gemini twins sign2. Let’s take a look at Mercury and Mercury Signs.

Mercury In Gemini

Mercury (to communicate) in Gemini (versatile and variable).

If you have Mercury in Gemini, you have an extremely adaptable, energetic, active, alert, curious, and versatile mind. You seek knowledge, either through reading or conversation or through travel and talking with the new people you continuously meet.

Your brain has a lot of nervous energy. This can occasionally cause considerable mental distress for which must find an appropriate release. One good way to release this tension would be Exercise.

You are intelligent, witty, and always have a joke or comeback ready for any situation. You love the variety and doing multiple things at once, and this may be a problem.

Too many irons in the fire at the same time. With this, you’re quick to grasp new concepts, yet you’re quick to lose interest in an idea, concept or project once your curiosity or thirst for knowledge has been satisfied.

Mentally, you like to taste a little bit of everything, and so disciplined study and concentration are not your strong points. You are handy with your hands. You could be ambidextrous or mechanically inclined. Mental debate and argument appeal significantly to you.

You mercury in Gemini folk tend to scratch the surface with the things that strike your interest without learning anything very deeply. This is the jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none mental disposition.

There is the danger, then, of superficiality. Controlling thoughts, words, and actions are necessary for you to be successful. It’s important to find your focus, stay with it and develop perseverance and discipline.

Careers in Journalism, sales, advertising, speaking, teaching, or writing may appeal to you.

With this mental restlessness, you may change jobs or locations frequently, or do work that involves movement, travel, and variety.

You grasp concepts quickly and may become impatient with those who don’t learn as fast.

An image of Mercury Sign and zodiac cancer signs3. Let’s take a look at Mercury and Mercury Signs.

Mercury In Cancer

Mercury (to communicate) in Cancer (Instinctive and Protective)

If you have Mercury in Cancer, your mind is connected with your memories, feelings, and emotions from the past. You tend to hold on to the memories of things because they give you security.

You are highly interested in inner, subjective, and personal issues and your thinking is based more on feelings, intuition, personal experiences, and prejudices rather than reason or logic.

Intellectual abilities and accomplishments without heart or soul mean little to you. You are a sensitive listener and genuinely interested in a person’s inner feelings and inner life.

In addition to care and psychology, you could be drawn to education, art, poetry, music, or mythology. You can be shy and somewhat reluctant about speaking in public.

However, you will open up and share your thoughts in intimate, small, little family-type circles of people you know and trust. You would perhaps enjoy keeping a diary or chronicle of your thoughts and feelings regarding your day-to-day happenings.

Your mind retains and absorbs knowledge easily. Like most water signs, You are intuitive, empathic, psychic, and sympathetic, but yet may become insular and depressed about your own problems and the problems of the world in general.

This can lead to difficulty in identifying the root cause of the problem because you easily become connected and involved emotionally with people instead of the issues.

You may have difficulty in making decisions (because you make decisions based on feelings) or you may just change your mind regularly.

Mental focus and control must be developed.

An image of Mercury Sign and zodiac leo lion sign3. Let’s take a look at Mercury and Mercury Signs.

Mercury In Leo

Mercury (to communicate) in Leo (impressive and creative)

If you have Mercury in Leo, you have strong, fixed opinions and love to express your thoughts energetically and dramatically. You wholeheartedly identify with your beliefs.

You can be a warm, convincing, entertaining speaker and a compelling storyteller. Exaggeration is a key ingredient in all of your stories, tales and expressions. You like to put on a good show no matter who the audience is.

You have a very distinctive style of expressing yourself. For that reason, you may have a natural teaching ability. You have a lot of creative ideas and want to have a voice in expressing them, through decision making.

You take great pride in your mind, concepts and thought processes.

To others, you might come across a bit of a know-it-all. You’ll need to watch a tendency towards false pride, intolerance, stubbornness, requiring an appreciation for everything you do or say, and becoming overly impressed with your own abilities.

You could be a good politician, spokesperson, group leader, director, or coach.

You need to be admired for your mind.

An image of Mercury Sign and zodiac virgo virgin sign3. Let’s take a look at Mercury and Mercury Signs.

Mercury In Virgo

Mercury (to communicate) in Virgo (Analytical and Critical)

People with Mercury in Virgo are exacting perfectionists with a clear, logical, and analytical mind with an aptitude for work that requires meticulous attention to detail and efficient organisation.

Well-grounded and possessing a great deal of common sense, they tend to develop specialised skills and step-by-step technical expertise in a practical field.

Knowledge, ideas and theories don’t interest them unless they are useful in a practical, tangible way.

They love to analyse, measure and dissect everything, but perhaps they miss hints, nuances, and subtle shades of feeling and meaning.

Their strengths are in their precise thinking, careful craftsmanship, and mastery of technical skills.

They tend to be excellent at what you do and are critical of others’ work if it does not meet your high standards.

They are systematic, adaptable, stable, flexible, and good with details, although they may have a tendency to be pessimistic, sarcastic, intolerant, complaining, whiny, critical, or get lost in the details and lose the forest for the trees.

An image of Mercury Sign and zodiac libra balance sign1. Let’s take a look at Mercury and Mercury Signs.

Mercury in Libra

Mercury (to communicate) in Libra (Diplomatic and Harmonious)

If you have Mercury in Libra, one of your best talents is your ability to see all sides of an issue and to negotiate and bring about compromise and reconciliation.

You are diplomatic, fair, tactful, and reasonable, possessing considerable social finesse. You work well and thrive with all groups of people.

You are objective and somewhat detached from emotional bias and may make an excellent consultant, mediator, or public relations person.

You insist upon fair play and seek peace and harmony in all situations. Your fine aesthetic sensitivities allow you to work in artistic or cultural environments.

You have a persuasive, rational, well-balanced mind with artistic sensitivities.

You are flexible and willing to listen to all sides of an issue.

This may lead to vacillation and indecision, though, because sometimes you cannot make up your mind as to which side has the most merit.

Your thinking process works through comparing things and finding analogies.

This is when you are at your best.

An image of Mercury Sign and zodiac scorpio scorpion sign1. Let’s take a look at Mercury and Mercury Signs.

Mercury in Scorpio

Mercury (to communicate) in Scorpio (Intense and Secretive)

If you have Mercury in Scorpio, you’re a deep thinker, you have great mental concentration and the ability to become completely immersed in your work.

You love ferreting things out and are a natural detective. Your mind may dwell on the sensual side of life and may think about sex or death often.

You seem to know things at an intuitive, nonverbal level and prefer learning through direct experience or apprenticeship rather than the hard time vicariously learning via books or lectures.

You have mechanical ability and work well with your hands. You may develop healing ability through your hands.

You are quick-witted, resourceful, shrewd, direct, sharp-tongued, and will readily say what is on your mind, in a most stinging manner. You enjoy satire and other forms of critical humour.

You want to know everything while at the same time disclosing nothing to no one. You can penetrate beneath the surface of problems and people and understand them.

You have sufficient manual dexterity with the capacity to repair anything.

On the downside, you can be stubborn, quarrelsome, sceptical, cynical, headstrong, and always holding the opposite views to others.

There is interest in the occult.

An image of Mercury Sign and zodiac sagittarius archer sign1. Let’s take a look at Mercury and Mercury Signs.

Mercury in Sagittarius

Mercury (to communicate) in Sagittarius (Free and Tolerant).

If you have Mercury in Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius, you possess idealism, vision, and foresight, and your mind is occupied with grand plans, big ideas and goals for the future.

You are interested in possibilities on the horizon, rather than what has already been done.

Topics like religion, politics, philosophy or education interest you.

However, you’re more concerned with theories, concepts and abstractions than with specific applications of them. Unless else supported in your birth chart, you are not inclined to focus on any one concrete or practical area.

You’re not a fan of details, and often, you find it difficult to concentrate for long periods to carry your ideas through to completion. You seek mental freedom, yet these thoughts usually follow traditional lines.

Having a natural gambling instinct (speculating and taking risks), you may enjoy enterprises and new ventures. You are forward, blunt and direct in your speech and you always speak your mind.

People who know you know that you’re direct and you don’t beat around the bush. You say the first thing that comes to mind.

So learn to control your tongue, develop tact and learn to think before speaking.

Business, advertising, and promotion could be good career fields for you.

You have a keen mind and versatile and impulsive. You may study several similar subjects, have more than one job and to have several projects going all at the same time.

You want to keep on the move, travelling, to gain experience, knowledge and wisdom.

An image of Mercury Sign and zodiac capricorn sign3 goat. Let’s take a look at Mercury and Mercury Signs.

Mercury in Capricorn

Mercury (to communicate) in Capricorn (Prudent and Reserved)

If you have Mercury in Saturn-ruled Capricorn, your mind is clear, disciplined, serious, practical, organising, realistic, objective and you’re unimpressed by exaggerated claims or promises.

You want proof, facts or details behind any statement or idea you hear. Your natural scepticism will often border on cynicism. You approach problems rationally and are quite level-headed, regardless of the circumstances.

You can work long hours with focused concentration and attention on whatever interests you. You have a good memory and are very attentive to details.

You can appear to others as dull, depressed or lacking a sense of humour. You merely have a lot on your mind. You are conscientious, thorough and disciplined in your thinking.

You also have an aptitude for business, organisation, and administration. You are also a good strategist and will plan and patiently follow a realistic course which will lead to your eventual success.

Serious-minded and studious, you enjoy quiet time alone for thinking or reading.

You seldom indulge in foolish or silly chatter for you consider them a waste of valuable time which is better spent on more productive things.

An image of Mercury Sign and zodiac aquarius signs3 1. Let’s take a look at Mercury and Mercury Signs.

Mercury in Aquarius

Mercury (to communicate) in Aquarius (Indifferent and Unconventional)

If you have Mercury in Aquarius, your thoughts tend to be unique, unusual, rapid and coming entirely out of the blue, unconventional, eccentric, scientific, weird and maybe even a bit ahead of their time.

This type of thinking makes you a non-traditional and progressive thinker that’s open and receptive to new technologies, scientific breakthroughs and the latest worldly discoveries in any field.

You honestly believe that humanity can resolve their problems through its creative intelligence, via inventive minds and scientific principles.

In fact, you’re a bit impatient with those minds who are conservative, unimaginative and afraid perhaps to try new ideas and things and think outside of the box.

So for you, keeping your finger on the pulse of the latest developments and technologies is a joy.

Reading science fiction, in general, helps give you ideas regarding radical new ways of looking at things. You have a strong humanitarian side with an aptitude for organisation, cooperative group efforts and/or businesses that are contemporary and innovative.

In these fields, you’d get a real sense of contentment.

You have a disciplined and practical yet versatile and original mind.

You are resourceful and intuitive with an ability to correctly judge human character and penetrate the masks that other people wear.

You always follow your own convictions regardless of what others think of you, and you can express your ideas clearly so that others easily comprehend.

On the negative side, you can be eccentric, bohemian, radical, revolutionary and stubborn.

An image of Mercury Sign and zodiac pisces balance sign1. Let’s take a look at Mercury and Mercury Signs.

Mercury in Pisces

Mercury (to communicate) in Pisces (Impressionable and Inspirational)

If you have Mercury in Pisces, you, your thoughts, and your ways of communicating tend to be idealistic, psychic, intuitive, imaginative, sympathetic, diplomatic, extremely sensitive, compassionate, and visionary.

On the negative side, you can be lazy, impractical, day-dreamy, over-sensitive, procrastinating, indifferent and absent-minded. You may lack a strong desire to work or to push yourself into doing anything that takes a lot of strength, organisation, patience, and responsibility.

You are extremely sensitive to your environment, and thus you should be careful of which environments you hang around in.

You can soak up energy like an energetic sponge. Your nerves and your mental health require you to rest away from the noise of the work-a-day world periodically.

Take some time to be by yourself before you regroup and reconnect. However, too much time by yourself can be detrimental, as you have a tendency to get carried away with yourself and your problems.

Healing through the laying on of hands or using visualisation techniques appeal to you. Likewise, you may have interests and natural talent in art, music, drama or poetry. 

You’re not keen on being pinned down by facts, and you prefer to follow your instinct rather than logic. Your intuition is strong, and you’re able to sense what others’ feelings and are, even before they even say anything to you.

Often you’ll get so immersed in your own world of thought and imagination that you’ll overlook things in your immediate environment.

You believe that anything is possible with that incredible open-mind of yours.

To you, any intangible or spiritual force seems equally as real as anything in the real world, and very often, you’ll form an opinion about a situation or person with little factual knowledge of them, and your first impressions are usually correct.

This just validates your gut instincts and intuition over again. 

Moon Signs

An image of Mercury Sign and moon sign planet. Let’s take a look at Mercury and Mercury Signs.

Venus Signs

An image of Mercury Sign and venus sign planet. Let’s take a look at Mercury and Mercury Signs.

Mars Signs

An image of Mercury Sign and mars sign planet. Let’s take a look at Mercury and Mercury Signs.


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