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First House of Astrology – What Is It?

The first house of astrology gives an information about the personality traits, physical appearance, nature, character, behaviour and the amount of recognition a person will get. It tells about what someone is and what amount of confidence a person will have. It also gives an information about the lifespan of a person and the number of difficult situations a person will face in his/her lifespan.

So, the first house of astrology mainly gives information about initiatives, nature, personality, behaviour, aggressiveness, abilities, way of thinking, tendencies, attributes, self-realization, recognition, attractiveness, beauty and character. It gives major information about the lifespan of a person and helps in knowing the character and nature of that person.

1st House Facts

House Ruler: Aries/Mars
Position: Angular
Keyword: Identity

First (1st) House vs Ascendant vs Rising SIgn – What is Right?

Okay, the simplest way to put this is as follows:

  • 1st House is like a slice of cake
  • The Ascendant is like the side of the sliced piece of cake.
  • Rising Sign is another name for The Ascendant

The cusp of the First House is the home of the Ascendant, the sign that was rising on the eastern horizon at the precise moment of one’s birth.

What Parts Of The Body Are Affected By The First House Of Astrology?

It mainly rules affects the upper part of the body that is the head and the face. It influences the face structure and shape of a person. It affects the mind of a person with the help of different planetary positions. It controls the amount of attractiveness, likability and optimism a person will have. It also influences the height and weight of a person.

Obviously, parental genes from parents are going to play a larger role in defining the look of someone.

What Factors Are Controlled By The First House Of Astrology?

The first house of astrology controls a number of factors such as body shape and structure, face shape and structure, eye shape, confidence, sensitiveness, ego, mind, abilities, tendencies and the lifespan of a person.

The first house of astrology also controls a part of the brain which in turn affects the way a person takes his/her life decisions making him/her succeed or fail in life challenges and goals. All these factors are decided when the person is born. Different positions of planets produce a different effect on these factors.

Does It Influences The Face Shape Or Structure Of A Person?

Yes, the first house does influence the face shape or structure of a person making a huge change in the person’s personality.

The first house can influence the attractiveness of a person by altering the facial features. Venus gives beautiful eyes and curly hair which makes the person more beautiful as compared to Saturn which gives a thin face and dark circles under the eyes which make a person less attractive. Similarly, different planets affect the face shape differently.

How Does This House Affects The Personality Of A Person?

The first house of astrology controls the personality of a person, or certainly the personality that is visibly seen by others/showed to the world. I

It controls the confidence, loneliness, aggressiveness, optimism and nature of a person which have a huge impact on the personality of a person.

The Sun gives a person right amount of confidence and Saturn makes a person hesitant of a lot of things. It also controls the early childhood of a person and moulds his/her personality from the beginning.

What Does Different Planets Bring To The First House Astrology?

Different planets bring different changes in the person. The First House of Astrology is mainly affected by the planet Mars. Following is what different planets bring to this house:-

The Sun brings a good level of confidence and strong vitality. But sometimes it also brings overconfidence, which often results in ego and brings failure.

The Moon brings pleasant nature which is gentle and approachable. But it also brings a lack of confidence and shyness.

Mercury brings curiosity and exploratory nature. it also brings balanced features and attractiveness.

Venus brings curly hair, pleasant manners and beautiful eyes. But it also brings laziness and tiredness.

Mars brings a competitive and aggressive nature. The person also lacks patience and feels pressurized.

Jupiter brings optimism. It also affects the body structure of a person, it often brings tallness and heaviness.

Saturn brings bad teeth structure, shallow nature and dark circles under the eyes. It affects the height and weight of a person, making him/her tall and thin.

Uranus brings loneliness and the person often seeks sympathy from his/her companions. It also brings failures and unhappiness.

Neptune brings a sensitive nature and perfect observation. It also brings a good amount of confidence.

Pluto brings a powerful character with attractiveness and intense eyes.