7th House Astrology A Guide To The Zodiac's Seventh House

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The seventh house, in union with the descendent (DC) tell us about our relationships with other people, business partnerships, and how we relate to our enemies. It also signifies what we seek out in long term partnerships like marriage.

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Let’s take a look at the seventh house.

An image of 7th House and 7th seventh house astrology houses zodiac illustration. The difference between the love affairs of the 5th House and love relationships of the 7th is that the 7th House refers to more permanently binding relationships, whereas the 5th House refers to affairs that may be temporary. When the 5th House affair progresses into a serious relationship, we can say that the relationship has


7th House Meaning In Astrology

Seventh House Of Astrology-  What Is It?

In Astrology, the seventh House is sometimes referred to as the House of marriage, but it encompasses all one-to-one relationships: marriage, business partnerships, contracts, cooperative relationships, and also divorce, separation, quarrels, open enemies, and lawsuits.

The difference between the love affairs of the 5th House and love relationships of the 7th is that the 7th House refers to more permanently binding relationships, whereas the 5th House refers to affairs that may be temporary. When the 5th House affair progresses into a serious relationship, we can say that the relationship has “moved into the 7th House.”

7th house relationships are about cooperation and sharing, and they generally serve some functional purpose in the larger social community (i.e. a marriage). This is different from a 5th house love affair, whose only qualification is “butterflies in the stomach.”

The 7th house includes the way you relate to those closest to you. Planets in this house will influence your manner of relating. They also give clues to issues that arise in your relationships.


The Seventh House is commonly referred to as the House of Partnership. With this house, we see a shift away from the self toward another — a partner. By cooperating with and relating to another we unite for the purpose of achieving something. Purpose is important to the Seventh House — the act of accomplishing something great or small for the self, the partnership and even society as a whole. In uniting with another, we also become a more valuable member of our world: we make a contribution, one small cog in the wheel of life. We have purpose. Cooperation and partnership help to expedite our purpose in life.

Through a partnership, we fill out our essential being. Suddenly, we see ourselves in context. Through a partnership in which we work, play, love and/or create, we are fully formed and completed. The other half helps to make us whole. Ultimately, how we relate to others will help to define the success we have as a human being and as a member of humankind.

The Seventh House shows us that partnerships can take many forms: marriage, business relationships, contracts, legalities, negotiations and agreements. We will cooperate to a greater or lesser extent in these varied partnerships. The quality of that cooperation, in essence how we relate to the other, is key to the Seventh House. Why do we choose this partnership? Is it for love or money? Practical reasons? Social considerations? There are many reasons for uniting with another. We may choose to fill voids we see in ourselves. We may simply want the company and companionship of another. The partnerships we form say a great deal about ourselves and also serve to teach us much. This house wants us to know that the quality of our partnerships will enhance our lives, make them fuller, more special and better for everyone.

Tensions within a partnership also serve to teach us lessons. For this reason, the Seventh House also focuses on the darker side of our unions. Divorce, lawsuits and treaties all fall within this house. At its worst, a partnership may create enemies — and on a more global scale, these rifts can deteriorate into war. It is our reaction to this adversity which will shape the partnerships yet to come.

7th House Facts

  • House Ruler: Venus.
  • Position: Angular.
  • Keyword: Possessions.

Word Summary describing your partnerships according to your 7th House Sign Cusp:

  • Aries – Intense
  • Taurus – Secure
  • Gemini – Playful
  • Cancer – Devoted
  • Leo – Proud
  • Virgo – Scrutinizing
  • Libra – Balanced
  • Scorpio – Passionate
  • Sagittarius – Unattached
  • Capricorn – Ambitious
  • Aquarius – Unconventional
  • Pisces – Self-sacrificing

Word Summary of how your partners affect you (or vice versa) if you have a planet in your 7th House:

  • Sun – Dominant
  • Moon – Longing
  • Mercury – Talkative
  • Venus – Pleasing
  • Mars – Challenging
  • Jupiter – Expanding
  • Saturn – Strict
  • Uranus – Revealed
  • Neptune – Amazing
  • Pluto – Dramatic

What Body Parts Are Related To The Seventh House Of Astrology?

The 7th House is related to the health of a person. It controls the health of the excretory system of a person which mainly contains urinary tract, urethra, semen, seminal vesicles and colon. The diseases related to these organs is also controlled by this house. The problems related to ingestion and egestion are also influenced by this house.

How Is This House Related To Bussiness And Colleagues?

The seventh house of astrology gives information about the business and business partners. It reveals the amount of understanding and support a person will get from his/her business partners or colleagues or co-workers or even from workers. A strong house reveals a good business qualities and success in the business.

Astrology Meaning

FACT: The word astrology is from the Greek word ‘astrologia‘.

In fact, Astrology is the combination of the 2 Greek words: astro, which means star and logos, which means study.

Simply put. Astrology means “study of stars”

Planets In 7th House

Planets In The Seventh House

The planet Venus rules the seventh house and makes some drastic changes in the life of a person, it also influences the marital as well as parental life of a person. Following is what different planets bring to the seventh house of astrology :

An image of 7th House and 7th house astrology 1. The difference between the love affairs of the 5th House and love relationships of the 7th is that the 7th House refers to more permanently binding relationships, whereas the 5th House refers to affairs that may be temporary. When the 5th House affair progresses into a serious relationship, we can say that the relationship has

Sun In 7th House

You ego is defined by how another person sees you and what you see in them. Partners fulfill your need to feel like you and it may be hard to accomplish much else until you find a solid relationship. You need boundaries.

Your Sun Profile potentials are most likely to be central to the nature and pursuance of your actual career. In other words, having a professional position is vitally important to you. This can mean that you proceed quite quickly up the career ladder because you know what you want early on.

Moon In 7th House

The Moon brings adaptability which in turn brings a lot of success and wealth. But the person is not good with languages and is often a bad speaker. It can also bring unstable financial conditions and problem in relationships.

Many of these needs and feelings apply especially to how you estimate your own worth, or earn an income, and to finances generally. Income and self-esteem are also subject to fluctuations, as are your moods and the market itself. By the same token, you may have an instinct for money and property. For better or worse you have inherited the same attitudes to money and self-worth as your family and especially your mother. Money can be earned catering to the public’s needs

Your mother had relational issues and made her own negative views of love known to you. This would have caused you to bury your own emotional need for human connections, and so now you subconsciously seek out unconditional love, and end up hurt as you lose yourself in another. You have to learn how to feel, without someone there telling you how to feel.

Mercury In 7th House

These mental capabilities of yours will actually find a professional outlet in the form of being a writer, journalist, broadcaster, spokesperson, or anything that has to do with communication or manual or mental dexterity: transport, trading, accounting, secretarial, printing, to name a few.

You’re looking for intelligence and wit in a partner, so that you don’t continue to feel so unintelligent and incomplete. Other people can make you feel stupid easily, so choose your relationships consciously.

Venus In 7th House

You are inclined to experience these values and senses (or the need for them) as belonging to someone else – like your partner or people in general, but really they are a part of you, which you should own. If you do not, you will be inclined to suffer the negative aspects only.

You don’t feel love for yourself, unless you’re loved in return. You spend a lot of time giving to others with no return, because you aren’t quite sure of what you deserve. It’s hard to feel attractive, but people find you very attractive. Beauty and love will find you, as you learn to accept yourself.

Mars In 7th House

Now it would seem that you initially experience these qualities of drive and self-assertion as coming from others – and one other in particular. This is especially so if you are female. This being the case, you are also more likely to encounter the negative aspects.

You don’t feel mean, but can be hard to love unless you realize how mean you can actually be. You know what you want and take it by force. You are attracted to anger in others, and it can pull you into tumultuous relationships, quite easily.

Jupiter In 7th House

Jupiter in the 7th house You are attracted to relationships that have these kind of expansive and philosophical qualities about them. You and your partner probably travel around together quite a lot – or are happy to travel apart at times. Generally speaking, your relationships have an open and generous nature. However, it is only too likely that you will come to expect rather too much of your mate – 

You are optimistic in love, which will bring you good partners to share your life with. You are very attracted to those who are foreign to you, or different looking than you are. You will be luckier in life with a partner, and might get some fame from who you’re dating.

Saturn In 7th House

These lessons and responsibilities that you’re supposed to be working on in yourself could be mistakenly projected onto a partner. You expect them to be putting right that which is really your department. When you do get down to it yourself – which essentially means that

You learn your karmic lessons through the needs and faults of others. You take relationships very seriously and are actively (albeit silently) searching for a life partner.

Uranus In 7th House

Forces for change and urges for freedom make themselves felt in an area where most of us would like stability: relationships. But, consciously or unconsciously, you are attracted to unconventional relationships and partners, ones that keep you alive to the fact that you are both individual beings with individual desires for more than just a secure and predictable social and love life. 

You are attracted to ridiculous and rebellious people. Someone who is different for different’s sake can attract you, but as it turns out, they don’t know themselves that well, and so you don’t know them either. Your relationships awaken your crazy, which is hard to handle at times. You will have quite a few partners in life, as you weed out the differences that you realise you can’t live with.

Neptune In 7th House

Neptune in the 7th House You look for sensitivity and idealism in others – or one other in particular. You project onto your partner all those things that you long for in a mate. This can only too easily give rise to your having great love affairs which are followed by equally great disappointments. Furthermore, your partner becomes like a drug to you

You are often blinded by love. You have an unconscious connection to certain people. You feel insecure when alone, but have a false sense of confidence with partners.

Pluto In 7th House

Pluto in the 7th  HouseThe issue of power and transformation presents itself to you in your dealings with others – especially in a one-to-one relationship like marriage, so you’re forced to confront the true nature of your deepest fears and desires and to establish a balance of power between you and your mate, or whoever.

You’ve died and been born again, many times, through your relationships with others. You tend towards destructive people, but the right partner will be able to give you new life.


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