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This page is about Saturn.

The sixth planet from the Sun, Saturn represents discipline, boundaries and fear.

It is how we are responsible and how we regulate ourselves, our fear, restrictions, our own structure and out limits, fears and how we hold ourselves back.

Let’s take a look at Saturn and Saturn Signs.

An image of Saturn Sign and saturn sign planet. Let’s take a look at Saturn and Saturn Signs.

What Is Saturn In Astrology?


In Astrology, Saturn governs ambition, career, authority, hierarchy, and conforming social structures. It concerns a person’s sense of duty, discipline and responsibility, and their physical and emotional endurance during hardships.

Saturn also rules our fears and where we pull back the reigns on ourselves.

Saturn is morose and cold, melancholic, and serious. Depending on its placement in your chart, it indicates the area of life in which you may feel shame, for a time. This is the area where you have lessons to learn.

But this is where your disciplined hard work will lead to genuinely earned, long-lasting success. It is chaos while figuring out your life path, yet at the same time, it is the internal higher education that we need to teach ourselves. It is “real self-expression.”

At its best, your Saturn sign endows organisation and order. At its worst, Saturn’s energy is manifested as selfishness.

The sign of Saturn also gives clues to the kind of work for which a person is suited and the kind of career he is likely to pursue.

Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn and is the planet of limitation and restriction. This can include themes of responsibility such as self-discipline, punctuality, and the conservation of material resources.

While Jupiter represents the notion of broadening and expansion, Saturn suggests setting parameters and restriction.

It brings structure and meaning to the world around us and reminds us of our responsibilities and commitments. Because of this, Saturn is frequently associated with our Fathers or other authority figures.

While discipline isn’t always comfortable or pleasant, it can sometimes help us grow. Embracing and understanding the challenges of the responsibilities in our lives helps us to expand ourselves out of the foundation of structure!

Saturn Planet Summary

  • Planet: Saturn
  • House Ruler: 10th House
  • Ruler of: Capricorn
  • Detriment: Cancer
  • Exalted: Libra
  • Fall: Aries
  • Modality: Cardinal
  • Polarity: Feminine / Yin
  • Light Traits: System/Organisation
  • Shadow Traits: Selfishness
  • Keyword: I ACHIEVE
  • Symbol:
An image of Saturn Sign and saturn glyph icon. Let’s take a look at Saturn and Saturn Signs.

Saturn Return

Saturn and Saturn returns are considered one of the most powerful astrological events you can go through in your life.

We have put together this guide explaining Saturn Return and how to manage that energy in your life. 

Saturn Sign Meaning

Astrologers of the past regarded Saturn as “evil” and malignant, indicating dire misfortune and misery wherever it was found in a chart.

  • When Mercury brings news, Saturn degrades it,
  • When Venus wishes for love, Saturn denies her.
  • When Mars goes too hard or too fast, Saturn will crash him
  • When Jupiter promises good fortune, Saturn delays it. 

But this is not necessarily bad.

Saturn is associated with the principles of limitation, restrictions, boundaries, safety, practicality, reality, seriousness, and structures. Saturn is the laws, boundaries and limits set by society or karma. Modern astrologers acknowledge that the hardships brought on by Saturn’s limitations, compel one to continue striving for a final product, that although delayed, will be solid and of real worth. While mars signs show us how we take action, and Pluto signs indicate how we transform, In combination with the lessons of Chiron and north node, Saturn holds us to our own higher standard, as us to be real and true to ourselves.

An image of Saturn Sign and saturn. Let’s take a look at Saturn and Saturn Signs.

Saturn Symbol / Glyph

The glyph of Saturn’s shows the cross of matter (reality) over the soul, representing the material nature of man reigning.

The 2 symbols represent 2 different ways the Saturn symbol is drawn.

Note: that the symbol of Saturn is the symbol of Jupiter inverted!

An image of Saturn Sign and saturn glyph icon. Let’s take a look at Saturn and Saturn Signs.
An image of Saturn Sign and saturn2 glyph icon. Let’s take a look at Saturn and Saturn Signs.

Saturn Sign Calculator

If you do not know what your Saturn sign is, you can use our Saturn Sign Calculator which will tell you what your Saturn Sign is.
It will also calculate all of your other planets as well.

List Of Saturn Signs

Saturn through The Signs – An Overview

So now that we have discussed Saturn, let’s take a little look at how Saturn manifests itself through the signs of the zodiac in a bit more detail. Every astrological sign has a specific set of qualities – positive and negative.

Below are some of the key traits of each sign of each zodiac sign.

An image of Saturn Sign and zodiac aries signs3. Let’s take a look at Saturn and Saturn Signs.

Saturn In Aries

Saturn (to control) in Aries (energetic and urgent).

There’s a conflict between their tendency to act first and initiate (Aries) and their tendency to be controlled and hold back (Saturn in fall).

Their desire to do things quickly and straight away (Aries) is balanced by another desire to look before they leap (prudence, earth), and also the willingness to work hard and complete the job.

They may be terrified of acting like Aries, but this is what you need to deal with learning. The best quality of Saturn is a system, and the best quality of Aries is leadership.

With Saturn in Aries, they can be a competent leader. This is someone who is not afraid of going out and doing it no matter what it takes or how long it takes.

Saturn’s worst quality is selfishness, and Aries worst quality is interference with the plans of others. They’re also capable of meddling and trying to run the affairs of others.

They may run roughshod over them in trying to get them to do their will rather than their own. They can be a real slave-driver. They dislike restraint of any kind and do not take kindly to others telling their pioneering, self-starting efforts.

Freedom comes only with responsibility and discipline.

Feelings of being inadequate may spur them on to tackle enormous undertakings to feel more valued or worthy.

Stress from trying to accomplish too much may make them ill.

An image of Saturn Sign and zodiac taurus bull sign3. Let’s take a look at Saturn and Saturn Signs.

Saturn In Taurus

Saturn (to control) in Taurus (Enduring and Possessive).

You may be slow to start speaking and slow in speaking, although when you talk, you usually have something worth listening to (Saturn, Earth, Taurus).

You are trustworthy and loyal (fixed sign). You have a strong reluctance to change (enduring earth) and are hard to move from a position once adopted.

You are very possessive and may be miserly. You may, however, be quite happy if you have somewhere to live, the clothes on your back, and a few dollars in the bank.

In this case, you will appear non-materialistic.

But you must have this minimum. If you have Saturn in Taurus, you are very persistent in carrying out your goals.

You can be overly concerned with material possessions and in wanting to squirrel away too much for that proverbial rainy day.

You tend to place too much emphasis on material goods and possessions for security and if carried too far, you can become miserly and miserable due to worrying about what might happen tomorrow and will you have enough money to cover things.

You need to re-evaluate your values and the source of real security.

On the positive side, you are a tireless worker and have patience, caution, determination, discipline, organising ability and can go the distance when those around you fall.

Hard work is your forte. Your feelings are serious, well-controlled and not easily changed, although at times it may be hard for you to forgive and forget.

Loyalty is important to you. Building structures that last is a need you have.

An image of Saturn Sign and zodiac gemini twins sign1. Let’s take a look at Saturn and Saturn Signs.

Saturn In Gemini

Saturn (to control) in Gemini (versatile and variable).

If you have Saturn in Gemini, your thinking is deliberate and serious, and you possess organisation skills, concentration and mental stability.

You can focus on deep and complicated matters and come up with practical solutions to problems.

You enjoy learning. But there may also be tendencies towards cynicism, depression, and pessimism.

Nervous tension can be a problem and the intake of air into the lungs, or the oxygenation of the blood can be restricted.

Your lungs need plenty of oxygen. It is best for you to sleep in a well-ventilated room.

Saturn here steadies your mind and helps control the natural flightiness of Gemini.

This is a good position for Saturn, but you may need to develop faith in the future.

It will be vital for you to discipline your mind and learn to think and act methodically if you are to be successful in anything.

An image of Saturn Sign and zodiac cancer signs. Let’s take a look at Saturn and Saturn Signs.

Saturn In Cancer

Saturn (to control) in Cancer (Instinctive and Protective)

You seek control concerning your home and family instinctively and protectively. You feel safe and secure as long as your home is OK.

You work hard for your family and home. You use your home to create good feelings and security. You are restricted somewhat by your past.

You may feel guilty about the past or your family. You may feel moody or melancholic when what you consider to be your roots are threatened. This may mean you are patriotic.

If you have Saturn in Moon sign-led Cancer, you are protective and persevering, and you worry over loved ones. You can be moody, fearful and insecure perhaps because you feel unloved, probably by one or both parents.

These feelings may bring on within you feelings of inadequacy toward your own ability to be a parent. As a parent, you may be very demanding and a strict disciplinarian to your children.

Emotional depression is something you need to conquer. Your unconscious fear of being hurt by others can cause you to withdraw from too close an emotional involvement with others.

You are kind but may lack empathy. You can be so busy protecting yourself from hurts that you are unable to see the hurts of others. There is a tendency for improper digestion due to the lack of certain digestive juices in the stomach.

It would be best if you did not drink liquids with your meals (except milk, which is food).

There is a need to curb the appetite, as it can get you into trouble.

Land and property may give you emotional security and alleviate feelings of not having something to fall back on.

An image of Saturn Sign and zodiac leo lion sign1. Let’s take a look at Saturn and Saturn Signs.

Saturn In Leo

Saturn (to control) in Leo (energetic and urgent).

If you have Saturn in Leo, you possess diplomatic, organising, executive, and leadership ability along with a strong will.

You tend to be self-reliant, conservative, and are incredibly efficient. You may have difficulty expressing your emotions and your affections, which may make you appear cold and unloving.

You need love, but may not know how to go about giving or receiving it; thus you may isolate yourself from others.

Your love is motivated by intense feelings of duty and responsibility, and you show your love and appreciation by taking care of business and doing what is required or by giving material things to loved ones instead of yourself, which is what they really want.

On the negative side, you may be cruel and quick-tempered, jealous, and may resort to underhanded means to satisfy your ambitions. Heart trouble is possible with this position.

You need to be admired for your ability to get things done efficiently and effectively.

An image of Saturn Sign and zodiac virgo virgin sign2. Let’s take a look at Saturn and Saturn Signs.

Saturn In Virgo

Saturn (to control) in Virgo (Analytical and Critical)

If you have Saturn in Virgo, you tend to be diligent, efficient, practical, exacting, scientific, organised, shy, thrifty, industrious, economical, and punctual.

You have common sense and the ability to manage others, but maybe a bit of a perfectionist.

Detailed work does not bother you, and you are able to focus and concentrate on the various minutia of any project.

Your mind is deep and analytical, and you probably have a good head for numbers.

You may be prone to periods of depression or be likely to hypochondriac tendencies. Your work is usually neat and orderly, and you dislike messes and dirt.

There may be a desire for solitude. You need to stay busy because boredom brings unnecessary worry.

Do not allow yourself to be critical of others.

An image of Saturn Sign and zodiac libra balance sign1. Let’s take a look at Saturn and Saturn Signs.

Libra Saturn In Libra Sign

Saturn (to control) in Libra (Diplomatic and Harmonious)

If you have Saturn in Libra, you are diplomatic, tactful, and you have balanced judgment which inspires trust. In matters, if health there may be urinary problems or trouble with the kidneys.

Saturn tends to obstruct the filtering action of the kidneys, allowing toxic elements to stay in the bloodstream and intoxicate the body.

Drinking distilled rather than spring, mineral or tap water would be better for your kidneys.

There is a need for you to cooperate and share in harmony, patience, and love for other people. Marriage or partnerships may be restricting, requiring hard work and discipline so that you may learn the lessons of cooperation rather than competition.

Marriage and partnerships give you a sense of security, and for that reason, you seek them out.

You may marry for practical purposes, for money, or to someone a lot older or younger. Various possibilities exist with this position.

You may take great trouble to find a mate who is able to demonstrate similar integrity, and thus marry at a later age than most, or you may choose an older partner or a contemporary who is apt to be austere or undemonstrative.

A desire for perfection may make you too demanding in the marriage, or your view of marriage may be too conventional or old-fashioned.

If Saturn is badly aspected, then you may be cold or regard marriage as a yoke with which you do not care to burden yourself.

Or lastly, you may tell yourself that you will never find a partner who will measure up to your requirements.

An image of Saturn Sign and zodiac scorpio scorpion sign3. Let’s take a look at Saturn and Saturn Signs.

Saturn In Scorpio

Saturn (to control) in Scorpio (Intense and Secretive)

If you have Saturn in Pluto-ruled Scorpio, you can be very self-disciplined. You have executive ability and are perceptive and accomplished.

You may have psychic ability. People may find you difficult to understand because of your reserved exterior and secretiveness. Your mind may be mechanically oriented, and you are resourceful, even under the most adverse circumstances, patient and persistent.

The action and energy of Mars combine with the forethought of Saturn in a most excellent combination. Whatever you do is done with intensity.

On the downside, though, there is a danger of stubbornness, revenge, lack of forgiveness, resentment, and ruthlessness. Tendencies to grub for money and prestige can cause harm.

There can be health problems with constipation or haemorrhoids. There is a need to transform your desires.

You need to learn when and how to let go.

This ‘letting go’ applies to eliminative bodily functions. Holding onto anger can cause stones to develop in the gallbladder or kidneys.

An image of Saturn Sign and zodiac sagittarius archer sign2. Let’s take a look at Saturn and Saturn Signs.

Saturn In Sagittarius

Saturn (to control) in Sagittarius (Free and Tolerant)

At its best, Saturn in Sagittarius gives a charitable and philanthropic turn to the mind with a desire to benefit and uplift mankind through discipline, system and self-help under just laws and true religious impulse.

It brings trust, respect and honour in all undertakings. You are intuitive, philosophical, independent and persistent.

Mental maturity comes later in life and promises success.

You are generous with a wonderfully developed sense of responsibility. You have administrative and scientific abilities.

A benefit can be gained from meditation and introspection. You may have poor circulation in the hips and legs. You need physical exercise and fresh air, especially in your sleeping quarters.

On the negative side, you may be cynical, atheistic, selfishly ambitious, dogmatic, insincere and sarcastic.

There is a need for everything to be proven before belief is possible.

An image of Saturn Sign and zodiac capricorn sign3 goat. Let’s take a look at Saturn and Saturn Signs.

Saturn In Capricorn

Saturn (to control) in Capricorn (Prudent and Reserved)

If you have Saturn in Capricorn, you are ambitious, self-controlled and you have organising ability.

You can be a disciplined, patient, hard worker who eventually receives the deserved rewards.

There is a tendency to take life very seriously, and duty and responsibility are critical to you. You understand that time and suffering serve a purpose and that happiness is not the final goal of existence.

You may find it difficult to divide your energies between work and play.

You can translate abstract concepts into concrete terms.

You may experience feelings of loneliness and inadequacy, and that could be one reason why you tend to work so much time and hard.

On the downside, prestige and social standing may be paramount to you, and you will be tempted to do whatever you have to acquire them.

Selfishness and a great love and desire for power can also be present.

An image of Saturn Sign and zodiac aquarius signs3 1. Let’s take a look at Saturn and Saturn Signs.

Saturn In Aquarius

Saturn (to control) in Aquarius (Indifferent and Unconventional)

If you have Saturn in Uranus-ruled Aquarius, you possess practical common sense, self-discipline and inner sources of strength which provide stamina.

Although humane in nature with a friendly and sympathetic disposition, you may have difficulty in understanding other people’s goals.

You need to learn tolerance for other people and must develop forgiveness.

You can exercise system, organisation, discipline and tact in unusual and non- traditional ways.

You can think ahead and plan things with an inventive flair. Seeing things in a whole new approach is one of your strengths. You tend to be serious, impersonal, detached and scientific.

On the negative side, you can be opinionated, vindictive, cold and uncaring with a tendency to get quite aggravated if your plans are met with opposition.

An image of Saturn Sign and zodiac pisces fish sign3. Let’s take a look at Saturn and Saturn Signs.

Saturn In Pisces

Saturn (to control) in Pisces (Impressionable and Inspirational)

If you have Saturn in Neptune-ruled Pisces, it may be difficult for you to set boundaries for yourself and others, or to be as disciplined and organised as you want or need to be.

Things have a way of getting lost in the shuffle of everyday life, and it may be hard for you to keep your touch on the pulse of things around you.

Sometimes you just get lost in the fog and can’t see your way clearly. You are intuitive, sympathetic, sensitive, imaginative and self-sacrificing. You are a practical idealist and have a tendency to take life perhaps too seriously.

You may have the sense that your present life’s troubles are due to actions from the past. And this is probably the truth.

You must reap what you have sown in previous lives, and Saturn comes to exact his payment. Perhaps this is why you tend to feel more sorrow, perhaps, than the usual person.

There could be some success in working behind the scenes, away from the public eye, possibly doing research or working in institutions.

On the negative side, you can be indecisive and moody, with a tendency to react emotionally to unfavourable conditions or people.

Depression can set in if success escapes you or if you feel that you have been unfairly treated. You need to develop faith in the future and let go of the past.

Dis-identifying from other people’s troubles will allow you to help them in their own sorrows.

Teaching what you have learned in your experiences is an excellent road to soul growth.

The Planets

An image of Saturn Sign and planets thumb. Let’s take a look at Saturn and Saturn Signs.

Jupiter Signs

An image of Saturn Sign and jupiter sign planet. Let’s take a look at Saturn and Saturn Signs.

Uranus Signs

An image of Saturn Sign and uranus sign planet. Let’s take a look at Saturn and Saturn Signs.


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