Empty Houses In Astrology

A Guide To Understanding Their Meaning & Significance

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Often when people see that they have an empty house in their birth charts, there can be a feeling of concern.

There are not a lot of articles online about this either.

So we’re going to address the questions and facts about Empty Houses In Astrology.

Let’s take a closer look.

An image of Empty Houses and empty houses in astrology. So we’re going to address the questions and facts about Empty Houses In Astrology.

What Are Empty Houses?

Empty houses in Astrology refer to houses somewhere in a birth chart that do not have any natal planets in them. But let’s explain that in lots more detail.

Look at this image, showing part of this zodiac chart below.

An image of Empty Houses and Screenshot 2020 05 03 at 20.06.15. So we’re going to address the questions and facts about Empty Houses In Astrology.

You can see that the 12th and 1st astrological houses are empty as do not have any natal planetary bodies in them. Whereas the 2nd house and 11th, both do.

You see, there are ten major planets in a birth chart (well, actually eight planets and then the luminaries – the Sun Sign and the moon sign)

And by default, there are 12 houses in a birth chart.

Because of this, at least two houses will always be empty. Having more planets in a single house is extremely common, like a stellium, for example. So in turn, everyone has them, with no exceptions.

Many people worry or question that an empty house in astrology shows an area of life where they will struggle or have difficulties. For example; Someone with an empty 7th (the place of long-term relationships) means you’ll never have a partner, marriage or an empty 10th (career, social status) means you’ll never have a job or profession.

But that’s not true at all!

There’s a common misconception in astrology that this subject has little to no significance in one’s life. But the power and nature of this subject lie in the house cusp sign.

The twelve astrological houses are the areas of someone’s life, while the planets represent the energies and aspects of our personalities that we invest in these areas of our lives. The signs show us the manner of which we do that, while aspects show personality and external interactions within the life areas.  This doesn’t mean that that energy or focus isn’t present in your life. It means you’re not as focused on it because it’s not as much of a struggle!

Another theory is that these are areas of life that you already dealt with in a past life. So there’s not much karma to work out in that area.

In turn, houses that have planets in are areas of our life where we have to work out the energy. So naturally, we give them more focus because there’s more work to be done here.

Meaning And Significance

The meaning of Empty houses or sectors indicates that major planetary resource isn’t being deployed toward something of importance or ruled by that house.

And so, matters of that house are likely to take a back seat compared to houses where planets have gathered.

A woman with no planets in the 4th or 5th, but has the Moon in the tenth is more likely to be more fulfilled as a career woman than as a traditional wife/homemaker.

Understanding The Chart World

There are two ways to examine all of this within missing in the astrological birth chart. An astrologer might tell you to ignore it. It does not influence you.

The second way is to sense associations with

When a house is empty, you’ll put more focus on the zodiac sign on the cusp. This is the very beginning of the house. Here points to the ruler of the house (which is the planetary ruler for the sign on the house cusp). So if you have Taurus on the cusp, Venus is the ruler of the house, because Venus is the ruler of Taurus.

The sign rules over the energy of the house, and the planet that rules the empty house will often play a more prominent role.

So, let’s say Aries is on your 7th house cusp, and your 7th is empty, and then your natal Mars is in Pisces and the 6th house. Here, you may find your work-life (6th house) and relationships with others (7th house) to be intertwined, and you meet potential partners through your or their work.

In line with this interpretation, all of this “house” work may suggest a lack of hardcore karmic lessons. In turn, we don’t need to engage at present.

If someone has an empty second house, this could mean they don’t have the burden of possessions on their shoulders. Likewise, an empty seventh house could indicate that business relationships can be dealt with efficiently.

Second, you can look at the Zodiac signs and planets related to your research to get some hints about the possible compensation mechanisms.

Empty House Cusp Rulers

How cusp sign rulerships work is that the sign on the house cusp point to the core mannerisms and traits that we project when performing that house activity.

A quick list of planetary rulers:

  • Aries – Mars
  • Taurus, Libra – Venus
  • Gemini, Virgo – Mercury
  • Cancer – Moon
  • Leo – Sun
  • Scorpio – Pluto
  • Sagittarius – Jupiter
  • Capricorn – Saturn
  • Aquarius – Uranus
  • Pisces – Neptune

When a house is empty, it takes ‘cues’ from its planetary ruler as the direction of how to act and the ruling planet ‘gives’ its energy from the house in, it’s into the House Cusp its rules. 

I’ve personally found that empty positions tend to act more strongly towards the sign their planetary ruler is in than the sign on their house Cusp. The reason being that an empty house has no energy invested in it, therefore needing to extract it from its ruler – this includes the house area AND sign.

Note: if either Chiron or the Lunar Nodes are in an empty house, then there is likely to be some work to be done, with emotional knots and healing for Chiron, and with finding your soul path and purpose with the Lunar Nodes.

This technique can be applied to every house and gives us a lot more information than if they were simply disregarded—the reason being that every person is like a fingerprint, as is their natal chart. Even if you have two people who both had an empty 2nd House Cusp in cancer, but one person had the Moon in 7th, in Sagittarius, and the other in the 10th house, in Pisces, their interpretations would be far more individualised to the both of them.

List Of The Empty Houses in Astrology:

Empty 1st House

If the 1st is empty, there can be an ease in the way you come across, and fewer challenges with your outward identity persona; the first house ruler can play a crucial role in your outer personality. It may seem that there is a comfortable life for this native; they would have fewer challenges.

Empty 2nd House

If the 2nd has nothing in it, there could be the ease with handling finances, having security/stability and connecting to your values. The 2nd ruler will play a key role in your values and worth in your life. This person could find it easy to set off on a trip and leave their belongings behind them.

Empty 3rd House

Here suggests ease with communication, conversation, analysis and expression, and connecting to your immediate environment; the 3rd ruler can play a crucial role in your mode of expression.

Empty 4th House

Here suggests ease with matters of the home/family and your inner core. Likely to be a natural at making people feel comfortable, safe and welcome. Also, a smooth relationship with your mom; the 4th ruler can play a crucial role in your home/family life.

Empty 5th House

Here suggests ease with connecting to your heart and expressing talents, creativity and perhaps the ability to connect to the heart easily; the 5th ruler can play a key role in your enjoyment, romance and love.

Empty 6th House

Here suggests ease with daily life and work. Work and health issues concerns are treated with sensitivity and protectiveness; the 6th house ruler can play a crucial role in your approach to daily life and the work that you do.

Empty 7th House

Here suggests ease with relationships and commitment; the 7th house ruler will play a key role in your relationships. Partnerships and relationships, although not VITAL, become an essential part of their lives when treated with pride, loyalty and attachment, when formed within group activities or long-lasting friendships.

Empty 8th House

Here suggests ease with transforming and sharing with others; the 8th house ruler will play a key role in your way of sharing and transforming, as well as addressing what you hold inside.

Empty 9th House

Here suggests ease with expansion in your life and pursuing opportunities; the 9th house ruler will play a key role in your way of expanding and enhancing your life experience. You may easily delve into religion, politics or foreign culture.

Empty 10th House

Here suggests ease with business, pursuing goals and managing responsibilities; This placements also rules the father. The empty 10th house ruler will play a key role in your pursuits and professional life.

Empty 11th House

Here suggests ease with friendships, change and your dreams; the 11th house ruler will play a vital role in the types of dreams and friends you have.

Empty 12th House

Here suggests ease with the past, past lives, your subconscious, your undoing and endings; the 12th house ruler will play a crucial role in the way you let go of things and connect to your subconscious.

Transits Through Empty Houses

Another thing to consider is that if they’re empty at birth, they don’t remain empty throughout your life.

Transiting or progressed planets that grace into vacant houses often remain there for years.

These transits stimulate new events and conditions in the matters of that house.

People may notice a charge of the activity in a house that usually does not concern them. Almost like the universe has come to lend a hand in that area that they typically do not pay too much attention.

For example, a long transit of one of the outer planets through the second house corresponds to a series of developments in the individual’s resources finances. Their values are emphasised. If the person does not have planets in the 2nd natally, then that transit means the individual will focus an unusual amount of attention to earning and managing money.


Just don’t conclude that empty houses mean nothing will ever happen in the areas of life that house governs.

Consider what else in the chart may compensate for this emptiness when you’re looking. If there is an empty 7th, how strong is their Venus? Do they have significant planets or placements in Libra?

Having these in your chart could actually be a blessing in disguise.


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