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This page is about The Moon.

Second, to the Sun, the Moon represents our emotions and feelings.

It is how we nurture ourselves, subconscious needs and emotional responses to everything

Let’s take a look at The Moon and Moon Signs.

An image of Moon Sign and moon sign planet. Let’s take a look at The Moon and Moon Signs.

What Is The Moon In Astrology?

The Moon

In Astrology, The Moon and Moon Signs represent our inner world, our emotions and subconscious and emotional needs, whereas the sun sign represents our conscious needs.

The rising sign is the filter these things come through. The Moon represents our deepest personal needs, our basic habits and emotional reactions, and our unconscious.

It relates to immediate emotional responses. It’s those reactions instilled by conditioning; the memory and learned habit patterns.

The influence of the Moon is more subtle, for it relates to personality beneath the surface; your feelings and your subconscious self.

It shows how you react to those around you based on the sum of your conditioned viewpoint and unguarded and unconscious self-projection.

Often, the Moon’s place in the chart shows a considerably different side of nature, a side that is fostered by emotions, upbringing, and habit patterns that have developed over time.

Moon Planet Summary

  • Planet: Moon (it’s a moon)
  • House Ruler: 4th House
  • Ruler of: Cancer
  • Detriment: Capricorn
  • Exalted: Taurus
  • Fall: Scorpio
  • Polarity: Feminine / Yin
  • Light Traits: Adapatability
  • Shadow Traits: Inconstancy
  • Keyword: I FEEL
  • Symbol:
An image of Moon Sign and moon glyph icon. Let’s take a look at The Moon and Moon Signs.

Moon Sign Meaning

If the Sun is the husband, the Moon will be the wife. Together, they remain in contact of giving each other light and reacting to it until the end of time, from the earth perspective.

Generally, this is the spot of reactivity we all carry within. If we see a troubled Moon in a chart, our inner reactions to outer experiences obviously will be inappropriate.

Deep beyond our recognition or ability to metabolise, hurtful, or in the greatest challenge of all – merely missing.

The strength of our Moon is the capacity to summon the things we need and love into our lives. It allows to recognise our feelings and act accordingly.

To accept them, embracing our soft side, while dealing with daily matters through passive, positive existence and ease.

An image of Moon Sign and moon. Let’s take a look at The Moon and Moon Signs.

The Moon Symbol / Glyph

The glyph of the moon is represented by a half moon. Just as the Moon circles the Sun, in a symbolically protective manner, and reflects the Sun’s light, the Moon in our chart shows how we protect ourselves, as well as make ourselves feel secure, comfortable, and safe.

An image of Moon Sign and moon glyph icon. Let’s take a look at The Moon and Moon Signs.

Moon Sign Calculator

You can use our Moon Sign Calculator and know your date, location/timezone place of birth and exact time of birth, you can do your birth chart here. which will tell you what your Moon Sign and calculate all of your other planets as well.

List Of Moon Signs

The Moon through The Signs – An Overview

So now that we have discussed The Moon let’s take a little look at how the Moon manifests itself through each zodiac sign in a bit more detail. Every astrological sign has a specific set of qualities – positive and negative. 

So lets see what does your moon sign mean.

An image of Moon Sign and zodiac capricorn sign3 goat. Let’s take a look at The Moon and Moon Signs.

Moon In Aries

The Moon (to react to) in Aries (energetic and urgent).

You tend to react to things emotionally (water), although your response is swift, short and soon forgotten (urgent, cardinal). You feel things deeply, but not for long.

You can find new things to react to (enterprising), and you express yourself from your own feelings (active). There is an honesty about this (active).

When the Aries Moon, adaptability and inconstancy in their efforts to initiate are present. With Mars ruling Aries, Frequent emotional upheavals due to a fiery Aries temper or impulsive displays of emotion are possible.

Patience is not your strong suit and if things don’t happen the way you want and there is a possibility you could go off like a bolt of lightning, though this is not to be confused with a temper.

They have a tendency to be spontaneous, temperamental, headstrong and you dislike restraint. They are very direct in thought, action, and speech and everyone know how they feel unless they have other aspects that would affect this in your chart.

They hate showing any personal weakness or that you need any support, comfort, or nurturing from others. This sign needs a fair amount of physical activity is good for you so you can work off those moods you get into once in a while.

An image of Moon Sign and zodiac taurus bull sign1. Let’s take a look at The Moon and Moon Signs.

Moon In Taurus 

The Moon (to react to) in Taurus (Enduring and Possessive).

With the Taurus moon, you tend to respond to constant and permanent (relatively) things in the past (passive). Your emotional expression is usually held back (fixed sign) by your practical nature (earth).

Once you have formed a way of feeling about something, you may be reluctant or unable to change it (fixed). You are concerned about material security (earth) and may feel uneasy until you are secure.

Many emotionally charged beliefs can come from the mother (Moon), yet you may persist with them through your life.

Because you react to things in a possessive way, you may be jealous or envious. You seek security and often expect this security to come from materials possessions, creature comforts and resources.

Hence, you desire to collect material goods and money, finding this security comforting.

You need a lot of affection and closeness, and this helps to assuage feelings of insecurity. But sometimes you hold onto people much too carefully so they feel they can’t breathe.

You expect loyalty in love, and you are very devoted to loved ones. You have the tendency to indulge in luxurious comforts and activities.

Eating rich or sweet food seems to give you security. You may have a weight problem because of this. Food can become a substitute for emotional satisfaction and love.

You are resourceful, determined, and persistent. You perhaps have a green thumb and are good at getting anything to grow and prosper. You are happiest when working with your hands, probably on the earth or things of the earth.

You can be lead but never pushed into doing things. You hate and fear sickness and pain.

An image of Moon Sign and zodiac gemini twins sign3. Let’s take a look at The Moon and Moon Signs.

Moon In Gemini

The Moon (to react to) in Gemini (versatile and variable).

If you have a Gemini moon and being ruled by Mercury, you tend to intellectualise your feelings. Your moods come through your words.

At times you are totally unaware of your own or other people’ deeper feelings and emotional needs. You talk out your emotions and moods. Your primary need is to communicate and to share knowledge.

You tend to avoid heavy, emotional relationships and involvements because there is some tendency to superficiality. Commitment scares you.

You require plenty of mental stimulation, and you feel closest to people with whom you can share thoughts and mental interests.

You get turned on sexually through the mental side of things. You have a versatile and receptive mind with a great desire for knowledge and new experiences and new ideas.

You can be charming, witty and warm-hearted. Nervous tension, anxiety, and stress may be a problem for you.

You probably dislike arguments and have a tendency to talk too much. You may tell people what they want to hear rather than the truth.

Mental control should be developed or else indecisiveness and constant changing of your mind will become a way of life for you.

An image of Moon Sign and zodiac cancer signs2. Let’s take a look at The Moon and Moon Signs.

Moon In Cancer

The Moon (to react to) in Cancer (Instinctive and Protective)

If you have the Moon in water sign Cancer, you very easily respond to the emotional environment in which you are placed. You soak up feelings and emotions like a sponge.

Perhaps this is why you so easily become moody, irritable and inconstant in thought and emotion. Learning to control your own moods is a hard time and may be very difficult, yet necessary, for you.

Your greatest need is to nurture and mother someone or ones. You often appear irrational to others because you can’t always explain the reason or source of your feelings. Anyone who lives with you must accept your ups and downs and appreciate your need for times of withdrawal.

You are also very sympathetic and understand the unspoken feelings and needs of others. You take slights very personally, and though you may forgive a mistake by a friend or loved one, you never forget it.

For a cancer moon, Security is essential to you, and you look for it in your home and family life.

Your senses and emotions are quite strong, and it would be wise for you to listen to your intuitive side as you can be quite psychic. You are very tenacious, and you do not give up or let go of things or people easily.

Your mother is/was a strong influence for good or ill in your life. You are basically an introvert but will do whatever it takes to protect and defend your family or loved ones. You tend to be a pack-rat because everything has an emotional memory behind it and you find security in all those memories.

Nothing or no one is ever gone if they leave their memory behind. Thus, you can become quite possessive. You have the mind of an elephant, but you must learn to forgive and forget past hurts.

An image of Moon Sign and zodiac leo lion sign2. Let’s take a look at The Moon and Moon Signs.

Moon In Leo

The Moon (to react to) in Leo (impressive and creative)

If you have a Leo moon, you are warm, generous, and loving in your affections, and you bring out great devotion and loyalty in your loved ones. You want to be worshipped and adored as the king or queen you feel you are.

You want and need a partner you can be proud of, and your own pride is very important to you. You cannot love someone you don’t respect and aren’t proud of. It is important to you that you feel recognised and appreciated.

Your feelings get hurt when you feel ignored. You dislike emotional games and dishonesty.

You are popular, generous, dignified, loyal and ambitious and have a persevering, penetrating mind with leadership and creative ability. You dramatise the events in your life and your feelings.

On the negative side, you may be ego-oriented, vain and/or pretentious with a tendency to wear your heart on your sleeve.

An image of Moon Sign and zodiac virgo virgin sign2. Let’s take a look at The Moon and Moon Signs.

Moon In Virgo

The Moon (to react to) in Virgo (Analytical and Critical)

People who have the Moon in Virgo are very sensitive, cautious, and perhaps shy about showing others their feelings. Though they may love and care for someone a great deal, they rarely express those feelings openly and freely.

They are perhaps more mental than emotional, at least outwardly. It may be difficult for them to receive warmth, affection, or appreciation, for they often feel that they don’t deserve it or that “other people don’t mean it”.

They can, therefore, seem rather cold and aloof, much more so than you feel. At times they can be so critical of others that they drive them and the love away.

They need to learn how to forgive themselves and others when they do not measure up to perfection. This need of theirs for perfection can be quite stifling to their happiness.

Virgo Moon people tend to be diligent, trustworthy, intuitive, reserved, practical and down-to-earth, mainly when emotions are concerned. Intelligence, usefulness and fastidiousness are essential themes.

They can analyse people and situations and, then, find the quickest, most efficient method of accomplishing whatever is needed. This may make them an excellent housekeeper, nurse and manager.

They must, however, watch their tendency to nit-pick or to become overly fussy concerning small details. They like to serve others but find it difficult to understand the feelings of others.

Their greatest need is to learn tolerance and to help those around them.

An image of Moon Sign and zodiac libra balance sign2. Let’s take a look at The Moon and Moon Signs.

Moon In Libra

The Moon (to react to) in Libra (Diplomatic and Harmonious)

If you have the Moon sign in Libra, you are kind, sympathetic, agreeable, optimistic, fair, and very fond of social pleasures. With Libra being ruled by Venus, this is expected.

You are a considerate and thoughtful friend and have a real flair for making others feel accepted and appreciated.

At the same time, you probably have a strong sense of reasoning powers and the ability to form correct judgments. There is a love of art and music with perhaps decided talent as a performer. You need people and relationships.

You avoid personal confrontations or any expression of intense, unpleasant behaviour or emotion. You strive for peace, harmony, and perfect balance.

If you have a Libra moon, you’ll feel unsuited for menial physical labour, and you hate to get your hands dirty. Your desire to be liked by everyone may cause you to seek peace at any price. Thus you can be evasive on issues due to your desire to keep the peace.

You can be quite fickle and indecisive.

You are much more at odds with yourself than people would guess by looking at you from the outside. It is sometimes challenging for you to make up your mind because you see all sides of an issue and you always want to be fair.

You must learn to stand up for your principles.

An image of Moon Sign and zodiac scorpio scorpion sign3. Let’s take a look at The Moon and Moon Signs.

Moon In Scorpio

The Moon (to react to) in Scorpio (Intense and Secretive)

If you have a Scorpio moon, you are secretive and inclined to brood in silence over the wrongs that people have done, either in reality or just in your mind.

The mental and emotional focus may be on beautiful things or sex or death. You find it difficult to trust people as you are suspicious of their inner thoughts and plans.

You open yourself up to very few as you do not find it easy to trust others. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable and to relinquish control in relationships is not easy for you. You love with passion, and you hate with a passion.

Everything is done emotionally, with intensity. You can be very jealous and possessive in your relationships. Perhaps your mother was very controlling.

You have a habit of holding on to wrongs that have been done in the past and not forgiving nor forgetting, and to keep such feelings to yourself. You must learn to let go, or your health will suffer.

Learn to express your feelings outwardly rather than repressing them within. You are not content with superficial appearances and are always probing beneath the surface of things for hidden motives.

You are magnetic, energetic, independent, aggressive, patient, and determined.

Self-control of the passions is mandatory.

An image of Moon Sign and zodiac sagittarius archer sign2. Let’s take a look at The Moon and Moon Signs.

Moon In Sagittarius

The Moon (to react to) in Sagittarius (Free and Tolerant)

If you have the Moon sign in Sagittarius, you are independent, outspoken, open, generous, enthusiastic, idealistic, inspired, and optimistic, and these qualities attract many friends and acquaintances.

You seem to thrive on travel, sociability, fellowship, and expressing your opinions to whoever will listen. Also, you are adventurous, playful, freedom-loving, and always ready for a good time.

You rarely allow difficulties to keep you down, for no matter how bleak the past or present, you still expect a better, brighter future. In fact, you are uncomfortable with your own or other people’s problems and emotional pain.

If you have a Sagittarius Moon, you’ll often try to “cheer up” or offer philosophical advice to those who are hurting, but unwittingly you avoid or ignore the emotions involved.

Friendship means a great deal to you, perhaps even more than love or romance. For you to be happy, your mate must be your best friend and encourage your aspirations and ideals.

You also need a great deal of emotional freedom and mobility. On the downside, you may be rather intolerant, closed-minded, dogmatic, arrogant, non-objective, risk-taking, or possess a holier-than-thou attitude.

An image of Moon Sign and zodiac capricorn goat mountain. Let’s take a look at The Moon and Moon Signs.

Moon In Capricorn

The Moon (to react to) in Capricorn (Prudent and Reserved)

If you have a Capricorn moon, (ruled by Saturn) you tend to be very serious and responsible, thinking that duty calls first before all else. You are not comfortable displaying your emotions for all to see and you certainly don’t want them to feel that you need help and support.

You never want to appear emotionally weak.

There is a great sense of ambition within you, perhaps because you feel unloved, unwanted or inadequate. You then work very hard because it makes you feel important or needed. You need to feel secure in your own authority. Security needs are what drive you.

You may be shy and insecure about your own worth and can be overly sensitive to real or imagined hurts. Sometimes you feel as though you have to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders.

You are especially uncomfortable with emotional dependency and will tell yourself and others (even children) not to be a “baby”.

You need to accept that no one is self-sufficient all the time, and to be gentler with your “childish” emotional needs and wants. To others, you may appear to be rather hard-nosed and tough, with a businesslike attitude toward their personal concerns and feelings.

Your feelings and loyalties run deep, but you often do not let people know how much you care. You also need to learn to relax, enjoy yourself, and play sometimes.

You are conservative, reliable and ambitious. You can bring plans to completion. On the negative side, you may be ruthless in your desire for power and success. Selfishness and manipulation are possible.

You desire recognition. The emotions are steady but can be quite cold.

An image of Moon Sign and zodiac aquarius signs2 1. Let’s take a look at The Moon and Moon Signs.

Moon In Aquarius

The Moon (to react to) in Aquarius (Indifferent and Unconventional)

People with an Aquarius Moon sign have emotions that tend to be guided by intellect, and they can be very detached when it comes to dealing with them. Others may think they’re cold and aloof because they don’t understand their manner in how they deal with their feelings.

This position steadies your emotions.

They find security in dealing with and working with groups of people, especially in endeavours that benefit the majority. They are inventive, original, and progressive in thought and want to make the world a better place to live in.

Family ties and attachments may not be as important to them as they are to others and they perhaps often consider their friends closer to them than their blood relatives. You need freedom and independence in their relationships with others.

They back away at times if they get too close.

They very much hate a partner who is jealous and possessive. They like to experiment and play the field. There is little affection for the conventional and the traditional.

They tend to be friendly, intuitive, humane, progressive and independent. You are broad-minded with a desire to investigate all knowledge.

They may have difficulty in understanding the emotional needs of others. At times you express unusual ideas merely to shock or surprise others out of their lethargy or just to see what kind of a reaction they’ll get. On the negative side, they can be impersonal, stubborn, erratic, rebellious, rigid, emotionally cramped and selfish.

An image of Moon Sign and zodiac pisces fish sign2. Let’s take a look at The Moon and Moon Signs.

Pisces Moon Sign

The Moon (to react to) in Pisces (Impressionable and Inspirational)

If you have a Pisces moon, your emotions are expressed sympathetically and compassionately. You are sensitive, kind and gentle, imaginative, shy, tender-hearted, and have an innate understanding of how other people feel and react to situations. It hurts you if another is hurting or in pain.

Because of your kindness and non-judgmental attitude, people in trouble, pain or confusion come to you hoping to find answers. It is difficult for them to think that you may be in pain yourself, but even if you are, you will do your best to help them or teach them.

You seem to sense that all the pain you have suffered is for a higher purpose if only to teach others or help show them the way. At times, though, your soft-hearted is taken advantage of, and then you feel the need to withdraw, to regain your strength and composure.

Music plays an integral part in your life, and you are instinctively drawn to it. It is as a voice from your spirit’s real home.

It helps you to express the emotions within that sometimes are so nebulous or vague that they cannot be put into word. You have a very romantic nature and can fall in love with love.

Sometimes your feelings and fantasies get so carried away that you become overly emotional or sentimental, much to the dismay of those around you. You have your moody spells that people do not know how to deal with.

You are not afraid of challenging or hard work, and you especially like to work for those less fortunate than yourself. You prefer to work behind the scenes, as you may be quickly drained of energy by others.

There may be talent in art, dancing or music. Tendencies to daydreaming may need to be controlled.

Sun Signs

An image of Moon Sign and sun sign planet. Let’s take a look at The Moon and Moon Signs.

Mercury Signs

An image of Moon Sign and mercury sign planet. Let’s take a look at The Moon and Moon Signs.

Venus Signs

An image of Moon Sign and venus sign planet. Let’s take a look at The Moon and Moon Signs.


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