What are Astrology Cusp Signs?

cusp is an imaginary boundary between one zodiac and the next, for example between Cancer and Leo. Those unfamiliar with Cusp Signs or the practice of astrology say they are born on a ‘cusp’ when the Sun is a few within a few degrees of the imaginary line that separates one sign from the next. For instance, at their time of birth the Sun was a few degrees – or even days – from the division between (for example) Libra and Scorpio, will claim they possess some of the characteristics of each sign.
While this may be true, it will have nothing to do with being born ‘on the cusp’ but will be due to other planets. Let us look at an example below.

If you were born on the 23rd August, this is the 1st day the Sun in Virgo, but it’s only just left the sign of Leo. So a Virgo born on the Leo-Virgo cusp will be a Virgo with some added Leo energy. Someone whose birthday is the 21st of September would be a Virgo (born on the Virgo-Libra cusp) with some added Libra energy. Make sense?

Is it really a Cusp Sign?

Another point to make out the change over from one sign to another is often throughout the day.  For example, when Prince George was born on Jul 22, 2013, 4:24 pm, the Sun was in Cancer, but he had been born 6:13 pm (I believe), the sun would have been in Leo.  The same day, two different signs.
Now they’re often merging of some of those energies, but it is important to notice where the other planets are in person birth chart.
If you or someone you know was born on a cusp, you could learn all about your dual influence now.
Below are descriptions about the dual energies that can come from Cusp Signs.

Zodiac Cusp Signs: The Complete List.

Aries-Taurus Cusp (16th April – 22nd April) – The Cusp of Power

Those born on the Cusp of Power are forces to be reckoned with! They are authoritative and bold natural-born leaders…read more

Taurus-Gemini (17th May – 23rd May) – The Cusp of Energy

Physically strong and mentally agile, stable and driven, bright and communicative; these are a few of the powerful combinations used to describe those on the cusp of Taurus and Gemini…read more

Gemini-Cancer (17th June – 23rd June) – The Cusp of Magic

Gemini-Cancer cuspers are genuinely magical individuals! Lighthearted and fun, caring and devoted, these people are an inspiration to be around…read more

Cancer-Leo (17th July – 25th July) – The Cusp of Oscillation

Sensitive Cancer and dramatic Leo combine into a very contrary personality. It will take self-discipline to manage the extreme ups and downs of fire and water…read more

Leo-Virgo (19th August – 25th August) – The Cusp of Exposure

These two signs are very different, so a person born on this cusp can carry different and conflicting energy. The fire in your heart is smothered by earth, or it can burn bright…read more

Virgo-Libra (19th September – 25th September) – The Cusp of Beauty

Virgo and Libra complement one another very well to create an intelligent, artistic individual who is beautiful inside and out…read more

Libra-Scorpio (19th October – 25th October) – The Cusp of Drama and Criticism

These two signs are ruled by passionate planets Venus and Pluto, and as such, these individuals are typically intelligent, driven, flamboyant and sexual. That’s a lot for others to handle, usually….read more

Scorpio-Sagittarius (18th November – 24th November) – The Cusp of Revolution

Those born with a mix of dynamic Scorpio intensity and bold Sagittarius action combine to make a fearless individual full of rebellious energy and strength read more

Sagittarius-Capricorn (18th December – 24th December) – The Cusp of Prophecy

These people are the real visionaries in the world and headed for sure success. Optimistic Sagittarius and practical Capricorn are a great mix of happy-go-lucky attitude and realistic vision to dream the big plans and see them through…read more

Capricorn-Aquarius (16th January – 22nd January) – The Cusp of Mystery & Imagination

Capable Capricorn and quirky Aquarius combine to form a highly unique individual. There’s never a dull moment with these vivid dreamers of rich fantasies…read more

Aquarius-Pisces (15th February – 21st February) – The Cusp Sign of Sensitivity

Aquarius-Pisces cuspers are the most original people among us, often labelled as ‘offbeat’ and ‘eccentric.’ They thrive in new and unique situations, but can have trouble following through on projects…read more

Pisces-Aries (17th March – 23rd March) – The Cusp Sign of Rebirth

Pisces the dreamer and Aries, the go-getter combine to form creative and impulsive people who can visualise what they want and make it happen… read more
(Special thanks to Tarot.com for these descriptions)