When looking into fire signs astrology, it can be difficult to know the differences between the fire signs. Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are the three signs relating to the fire element, so they are all the same right? Wikipedia lists high energy traits as being common amongst all the fire signs.  Fire is often associated with the human function of perceptive insight but is commonly associated with action, creativity, high energy and expression. Even though these signs all share these traits and attributes, the style in which then exhibit them is different.

Fire Signs Astrology: The differences between them.

The main difference between the 3 fire signs is each one is a different modality from the next.
Aries are a fire sign, but they are also a Cardinal Sign. Cardinal signs are the leaders, initiators, the trail blazers, instigators and the ones that want to be in charge, if not of others, then certainly in their own lives.

  • The cardinal modality notes the beginning of a season and the power of initiation and action.

Leo is the second fire sign, but also a Fixed Sign. They are solid people who know their limits and their boundaries with other people and with life.

  • The fixed modality relates to the middle of a season and the power of sustaining.

Sagittarius is the third fire sign, but also a Mutable Sign. They prefer when things go smoothly, their greatest need is for freedom and the ability to change or transition.

  • The mutable modality governs the end of the season and the power of change.

Okay, here is a story:

Aries personifies the warrior or soldier. Leo embodies the king, who is protected by the warrior. And Sagittarius connotes the prophet, wizard, or adviser, who ensures the upholding of the ethics of both the warrior and the king. All three are t, but their methods of being are somewhat different

Aries: The Leader

Aries are encouraging people to be around with, they have a simple and straightforward way of life. This sign can be related to self-responsibility and leadership as a complete Aries believes in actions and visions. They have the qualities of launching and starting whatever they start as they show great passion and optimism towards their goals. Sometimes, finishing things or seeing things through to their conclusion can be challenging.
They have great zeal for success and long to lead the first position. Some of their traits include adventure, travel and exploration as they are very dynamic in nature. Aries are very commanding, opportunistic, impelling and instinctual. Aries could be very lively to be around with if proper diplomacy is being instilled upon, otherwise, they could be very thoughtless and dynamic.
Arians possess a significant fighting spirit for themselves, friends and relatives and they don’t believe in losing. They are very courageous, but if trust and confidence weren’t bestowed on them from their young age, they tend to battle with insecurity and fear. They like to improve themselves by sourcing for information.
Even though Aries are part of the fire signs, they also part of the Cardinal modalities, which they share with Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.

Leo: The Creative One

Leos are most known for their diverse creative power. They have exceptional spirit, but they have a barrier of failed visionary expression. They are proud and over joyous about themselves. Of course, just like the sun which is their ruler, Leo wants to experience every occurrence since they are usually popular, charismatic and knowledgeable by nature. They want to be the boss of their own affairs thereby being overwhelmed by their own energy and getting angry easily.
People with their Sun in Leo are known to be very generous, responsible thinkers, quick and affectionate. Even though they make decisions based on inner criteria they still have a weakness of being too hasty has they rarely control their enthusiasm. One thing about Leo is that they tend to hide their feelings and become moody if they can’t express them. Courage and observation remain their hallmark as they love imagining things, valuing honour, loyalty and integrity and they hardly finish up their projects even though they have great ideas. They also value sport and music.
Even though Leo is a fire sign, it is all part of the Fix modalities, which they share with Taurus, Scorpio and Aquarius.

Sagittarius: The Philosopher

This sign represents the act of leadership and philosophy. These are the set of people that makes up the influential aspect of an organisation with a perfect speaking and teaching skills. They obey every rule but lack tact as they always try to make everybody believe in what they do.
Most Sagittarius are always slow in discovering their leadership potentials. They are kind and generous people with the act of embracing and loving people since they rarely get jealous. They are jovial and fun to be with. They have an interest in religion as they love solving complex problems.
Jupiter rules the sign as they hate being restricted and tied down to something. They like to explore and try new things to yield new results.
Even though Sagittarius is a fire sign, it is also part of the Mutable modalities, which it shares with Gemini, Virgo & Pisces
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