Synastry Chart

Synastry Charts form a key-part of understanding energetically and astrologically what is happening between 2 people.

But what are they?

Well here we break down the basics of what a synastry chart entails and why they look like they do.

Including the layers of a birth chart that add to their complexity.

Let’s take a look at Synastry Charts.


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Synastry Charts

So you know someone you like, and you want to get a low down on whether you would work out together. You’ve already read their daily horoscope, but those free horoscopes are always too vague.

You want to know the relationship astrology of 2 people. And even though there is not really anything like a relationship horoscope, this will give you a lot of inside into the relationship between 2 peoples charts.

Note: This article is about synastry charts, not composite charts.

Composite charts are for examining the relationship itself, and not the 2 people in it.

Some websites use this information to provide a compatibility report.

What Are Synastry Charts?

What are Synastry Charts?

A natal birth chart is a map showing the positions of the planets at the time of someone’s birth.  If you not know what a birth chart is, check out this birth chart interpretation article first.

A synastry chart is when you are comparing two natal charts side by side.

This is a synastry chart of the synastry between Hollywood famous couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

Think of a birth chart as a picture of the solar system, or stopping the cosmic clock and taking a photograph of the sky and studying the positions of the planets at that moment at the moment you were born.

This map is from our vantage point on earth.

Originally, birth charts were always hand drawn and calculated manually. Even though this technique is still practised today, most chart calculations are done automatically using online software. Most online software accounts for daylight savings and time zone variations.

Synastry Chart Generator

With all synastry, birth and natal charts, you need to have a birth date, birth city and birth time (aka birth data).

  • The birth date is the most important.
  • The birth city is normally to identify the time zone and whether daylight time is involved in the calculations.
  • The birth time needs to be as close to the exact time as possible.

With Synastry, you will obviously need the birth chart information for 2 people.

If you do not know what your birth chart is, you can use our own Synastry Chart Calculator which will tell you what your Birth Chart is, plus the second person.

Synastry Charts Wheel Drawings

What Astrological Synastry Charts Look Like

Because the charts are often calculated automatically online, lots of different websites use different styles.

Below are some styles of birth charts that exist across other astrology websites.

These are styles of charts and not necessarily TYPES of synastry charts.

This one has the planetary symbols on the outside and inside.

This one has the planetary symbols grey on the inside and blue on the outside.

This one is a more simple design and larger aspects space.

This one is simple. Both planets are on the inside of the chart.  Reds and blacks.

This chart has a lot of large symbols.

Synastry Chart Explained

Below is a explains the construction of a synastry chart that tells about the 2 natal charts together.

As you can see, this chart is slightly different from a natal chart. This astrology chart is actually made up of 2 charts that have been placed next to each other. There are 4 components to this chart.


The Signs Of The Zodiac

So firstly, we have a basic chart wheel. Around the outside, you have all of the zodiac signs or sun signs.

Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces.

There are also very small markings on the inside of this circle. There are reflective of the 2 peoples planets, in relation to the signs. The red dashes are the second person and the blue dashes are the first.

The ‘second persons’ chart

On Astro.com, the outer circle represents the second persons data information that you would input.

Here you can see the numbered houses and the symbols for the planets are indicated in red.

The house placements and planets of the outer person.

All of the planets are here. The Sun, The Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto.  The North node and Chiron are also shown here.

The 1st Persons Chart

Now we have the first persons chart, whether it be your own or simply the first data point you typed in.
As with the second chart, here you have the numbered houses and the icons for the planets are now in blue.

It will also give you the position of the ascendant, descendant, midheaven and imum coeli. 

With the first persons chart, the AC/DC line is always horizontal. 


Synastry Aspects

As with the birth chart, the inner part represents the aspects. The only difference here is that the planetary aspects between 2 charts, rather than just 1 chart. 

This will show the major aspects and the minor aspects between 2 peoples planets.

  • The red lines indicate square and opposition aspects.
  • The blue lines represent sextile and trine aspects.
  • The green dash line represents quincunx aspects
  • The dotted black lines

How To Read A Synastry Chart

Now that we have broken down the physical elements of a synastry chart, we should look to see how we can make sense of all of that information, aspects and houses.

What Is Astrology Guide

Astrological Elements

Planets Of Astrology


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