South Node SignThe Definitive Guide To The South Node Sign

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This page is about Pluto.

The last planet from the Sun in our Zodiac System, Pluto represents hopes and dreams, beliefs and illusions.

It is how we see new horizons, how we look at our own spiritual healing and how we service others in fantasy and dreams.

Let’s take a look at Pluto and Pluto Signs.

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South Node in Aries Sign

If your North Node is in Libra and the South Node is in Aries, you have achieved a great deal of self-confidence from experience. With a competitive drive, you’ve learned to make swift and critical decisions, concerned mainly with self-interest and self-love in the past.

Now you must take all of that self-esteem and spirit of competition and put it to work on behalf of others.

Sharing and cooperation are keynotes as you learn to be sensitive to the needs of others.

The SN in Aries or the 1st house instinctively knows how to meet personal desires.

The individual has learned to satisfy own needs; they are capable of new beginnings. Moreover, they are born leaders possessing powerful pioneering energy.

South Node in Taurus Sign

Taurus south node/Scorpio north node people are learning to embrace “what could be” instead of fixating on “what is.” They have spent lifetimes steeped in the material world as hardworking, practical people.

They enjoyed spending money and could resurface as arbiters of luxury and beautiful taste. Taurus rules the senses: touch, taste, smell, sound, sight. They might be gifted artists and musicians.

This lifetime, indulgence and hedonism can be their downfall.

The Scorpio north node pries them away from the physical and into the spiritual realm.

Scorpio north node people are learning about life beyond their senses and daily habits (work, eat, sleep, drink, screw, repeat).

Scorpio also rules wealth and investments.

These people are learning to make their money work for them, instead of just working for their money.

South Node in Gemini Sign

Sagittarius North Node people have spent many past lives in positions where it was essential for them to understand how others think: as teachers, writers, orators, and salespeople.

Teachers aren’t successful unless they understand their pupil’s thought process and impart information in a way the pupil can accept.

Sagittarius North Node people came into this incarnation with the talent of seeing everyone else’s point of view, but in the process, they have lost touch with their own truth. Now they need to connect with their spirituality— and rediscover themselves.

South Node in Cancer Sign

When the South Node falls in Cancer, in past lives you have over-emphasised domestic responsibility. When young, you could have sought the security of family life because you lacked confidence.

You may have felt shy in the public world. Domesticity does not come naturally to you, and you may not feel domestically inclined. You may have had to take responsibility at a young age due to family circumstances.

You may have felt it was your responsibility to support others through family circumstance.

You may have felt emotional support was limited when you needed it, you had to be supportive. There will be a strong emphasis in your life on caring for people such as your family and friends, or you may involve yourself in a caring profession.

This is a strong drive within you. You have a well-developed sense of loyalty to your family, and you will give your support. You take your responsibilities seriously, and you strongly consider the care and welfare of the people around you.

For example, you may feel the needs of your boss, the well-being of your friends and family, and the emotional needs of your children (if you have children).

You make sure that you are there for everyone, but you can have a problem. You may take on caring responsibilities at the expense of achieving in the public arena.

You can be over-sensitive to the needs of others and overemphasise the importance of emotional security and support.

Your ideal would be to operate a business from home with a strong emphasis on support and care.

South Node in Leo Sign

If your North Node is in Libra and the South Node is in Aries, you have achieved a great deal of self-confidence from past experience.

With a competitive drive, you’ve learned to make swift and critical decisions, concerned mainly with self-interest and self-love in the past.

Now you must take all of that self-esteem and spirit of competition and put it to work on behalf of others. Sharing and cooperation are keynotes as you learn to be sensitive to the needs of others.

The SN in Aries or in the 1st house instinctively knows how to meet personal desires. The individual has learned to satisfy personal needs; they are capable of new beginnings.

Moreover, they are born leaders possessing a powerful pioneering energy.

South Node in Virgo Sign

When the South Node falls in Virgo, in past lives you have searched for perfection, but the world is not a perfect place, and people can never come up to your expectations.

You can become involved in unsatisfactory relationships because you do not like being alone. However, you can live alone and support yourself.

This can alleviate anxiety over other people’s work standards and approaches to life. If you do it yourself, you know it is going to be done correctly. You cannot stand shoddy work.

Things should be done correctly. You strive for perfection, and you want everyone to follow your example, or the plans you think are right. In your youth, you may have felt criticised which may have made you feel guilty over failure.

You have a tendency to read self-help books because you find it difficult to settle for anything less than ideal or perfect.

You can test other people’s mentality, and you can consider that your way is better than theirs, with a “let’s do it my way” attitude.

You can be critical of other people’s physical presentation, clothing etc. or their mental prowess, but you should avoid being overly critical or petty. You can have a problem with the efficiency of those in direct contact or association with you.

You cannot accept shoddy work, and your first reaction can be critical and fault-finding, and you can make people feel guilty when mistakes are made.

You need to feel that your life is in perfect working order before you can relax, but the world is seldom in perfect working order.

South Node in Libra Sign

The South Node holds the emotional memories from our childhood and the forgotten “loving memory” of a past life.

From the reincarnation perspective, these points show the particular emotional “hangover” from a previous life that is most impacting you in this life now.

We do not usually remember facts from very early in life, nor do most of us remember our past lives, but what we do feel is an emotional tone.

A lunar feeling—that something in our past is unresolved, like waking from an uneasy dream but not remembering the facts—and this is the unresolved issue that the South Node and the Moon in our birth chart describes.

By bringing this to consciousness, we can move into deepening and enriching our present story, by releasing these old patterns that no longer serve us now

South Node in Scorpio Sign

Scorpio south node people have arrived here to work! In past lives, they were powerful and privileged individuals who were often born into wealth.

They may have been advisors to royalty or political leaders, working masterfully behind the scenes. Now, it’s their time to step into a position of public power, rolling up their sleeves and learning to be the providers, earners and do-ers.

In this lifetime, inherited wealth or status is a burden, not a blessing. Fighting to be self-sufficient is often a struggle.

What Taurus north node people should do is use their money, connections and influence to help open doors for people who don’t have their privilege. Scorpio is a mysterious sign, and the Scorpio south node’s challenge is to shed a veil of secrecy.

While anonymity protected them in past lives, too much privacy now creates trouble. Some Scorpio south node people are born into families with deep, dark secrets: addiction, abuse, corruption, crime.

Their sole work is to move past shame. Taurus rules the throat chakra; Taurus north nodes are learning to speak out loud.

South Node in Sagittarius Sign

If your south node is in worldly Sagittarius, you’ve had lifetimes as a “Marco Polo” explorer type or a lofty, ivory tower scholar.

The Gemini north node person’s challenge is putting down roots. They are also learning to see the world through a simple, common-sense perspective, using facts instead of endlessly philosophising.

The K.I.S.S. (“Keep It Simple Sweetheart”) acronym should be their mantra.

Forever on the go, Gemini north nodes may resist settling into a community.

Many Gemini north node people prefer to live in large cities or university towns. Wanderlust strikes often, and their jobs may involve travel, foreign language or publishing. They love to be around the Sagittarius-ruled energy of higher learning and international influences.

Gemini is the sign of verbal communication. Gemini north node people are learning the art of dialogue, versus the one-sided conversation. They may struggle with the Sagittarius tendency toward bluntness and know-it-all arrogance.

The Gemini north node must develop better interpersonal communication skills, such as active listening and mirroring. (Luckily, they can indulge their Sagittarius south node passion for learning by taking workshops about these very topics!)

South Node in Capricorn Sign

When the South Node falls in Capricorn in past lives, you have developed a strong sense of responsibility. When young your parent(s) may have been strict, and you may have been expected, or forced to take responsibility through family circumstance.

The bottom line was that you learned to be responsible within the family structure at a young age. In your adult years, you will expect recognition and respect for your work, but you may feel that you are taken for granted. You tend to control your emotions within the family through logic.

If your mind tells you something is going to happen as a result of making a particular move you will wait for a more appropriate time. You will not be drawn into emotionalism.

You will stay detached and observe the right time to move. Although you have a strong desire to be responsible, you can become too responsible for other family members and make tremendous sacrifices.

You stand by your principles, and you carry out your duties.

However, you may not get the recognition or respect you deserve. You need to be in control of your own destiny to feel secure.

South Node in Aquarius Sign

When the South Node falls in Aquarius, in past lives you have emphasised the ability to see everyone as equal to you. We are not all equal. Some people have more potential than others. You can see potential in others, but they can use you because you naturally support other people’s goals.

People can have more potential than they show and this can frustrate you. People who don’t use their full potential can shirk their duties and delay goals further down the track.

You can be pre-occupied with others. You should not exist out there for others, and you should not consider other people’s feelings ahead of your own.

You can lose yourself in acquaintance making relationships where you are helping others to achieve, or sorting out their problems. You will not retaliate under pressure because you do not have enough confidence.

You would like to be recognised, but you do not like drawing attention to yourself. Therefore your contributions are seldom acknowledged. You are rarely shy in public. Your shyness is more apparent on a personal level.

You think logically, and you are objective and detached. You use your intellect at the expense of your emotions because you do not want to hurt other people’s feelings.

This can be frustrating because your mind knows what your heart desires, but your objectivity can block your internal flow.

South Node in Pisces Sign

When the South Node falls in Pisces, in past lives you have made many sacrifices. You have a craving for ideal happiness with no more problems. You may wish to escape through people’s problems and/, or you can have an excessive dependency on them. This can lead to a high degree of unacceptable behaviour from others because you find it hard to refuse requests for help. You have a tendency to sacrifice yourself for others instead of dealing with your own problems. You can alternate between hard work and escapism, either of which can become extreme. You are always aware of the need for peace and tranquillity, but the demands of the practical world deny this which can frustrate your need to take time out for yourself. You seem to attract lame dogs, and you tend to provide a charitable and compassionate service for them. This can become a bad habit, and they can expect it of you. You must not help others at the expense of your own needs. People can deplete your energy and run you down which can leave you vulnerable to illness. Also, you can be sensitive to your environment which can affect your nerves. You should not place yourself in the victim’s seat, make a rod for your own back, or offer more than you can possibly give or cope with. You are naturally compassionate towards those who need assistance, and you will help where you can.


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