North Node Sign The Definitive Guide To The North Node Sign

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This page is about Pluto.

The last planet from the Sun in our Zodiac System, Pluto represents hopes and dreams, beliefs and illusions.

It is how we see new horizons, how we look at our own spiritual healing and how we service others in fantasy and dreams.

Let’s take a look at Pluto and Pluto Signs.

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North Node in Aries Sign

People with Aries north node/Libra south node have spent many lifetimes mastering relationships. In previous lives, they have been married and worked in close partnership.

They come to this life with strong interpersonal skills, naturally seeking synergies. The risk is that they compromise too much or fail to develop their own identities.

Many get married or sign binding arrangements before forming their personalities. Later in life, they may go back to blaze a solo trail. Aries north node people must embrace their inner star power.

When they do, they may rise to public prominence or step into a leadership role. There they’ll bring their natural gifts of diplomacy and compassion.

North Node in Taurus Sign

Taurus north node/Scorpio south node people have arrived here to work! In past lives, they were powerful and privileged people who were often born into wealth.

They may have been advisors to royalty or political leaders, working masterfully behind the scenes. Now, it’s their time to step into a position of public power, rolling up their sleeves and learning to be the providers, earners and do-ers.

They yearn to be bootstrappers, proving that they can do it themselves!

Fighting to be self-sufficient is often a struggle.

What Taurus north node people should do is use their money, connections and influence to help open doors for people who don’t have their privilege.

These people can even earn a reputation as untrustworthy and calculating. Some Scorpio south node people are born into families with deep, dark secrets: addiction, abuse, corruption, crime. Their “soul work” is to move past shame.

Taurus rules the throat chakra; Taurus north nodes are learning to speak out loud.

North Node in Gemini Sign

Gemini north node people have the opposite dilemma. They’ve seen the world, have diverse friends and lovers in every port, and now must learn to stay in one place!

If your south node is in worldly Sagittarius, you’ve had lifetimes as a “Marco Polo” explorer type or a lofty, ivory tower scholar. The Gemini north node person’s challenge is putting down roots.

They are also learning to see the world through a simple, common-sense perspective, using facts instead of endlessly philosophising. The K.I.S.S. (“Keep It Simple Sweetheart”) acronym should be their mantra.

Forever on the go, Gemini north nodes may resist settling into a community. Many Gemini north node people prefer to live in large cities or university towns. Wanderlust strikes often, and their jobs may involve travel, foreign language or publishing. They love to be around the Sagittarius-ruled energy of higher learning and international influences.

Gemini is the sign of verbal communication. Gemini north node people are learning the art of dialogue, versus the one-sided conversation. They may struggle with the Sagittarius tendency toward bluntness and know-it-all arrogance.

The Gemini north node must develop better interpersonal communication skills, such as active listening and mirroring. (Luckily, they can indulge their Sagittarius south node passion for learning by taking workshops about these very topics!)

North Node in Cancer Sign

Depending on your node placement, you may be more comfortable with one gender over the other. You may need to develop more ease with the gender represented by your north node.

Cancer north node people are learning to understand women and feminine energy, and maybe “one of the guys.”

The female Cancer north node is often quite girlish in appearance but can be structured, driven and single-focused on the inside. These people have spent lifetimes as “captains of industry” and patriarchs, conquering the world and accumulating wealth.

Now, they are learning that there’s more to life than just work and money.

Cancer north node people’s mission is to enjoy home, family and heartfelt connections. However, many can be reluctant parents.

Male or female, they may prefer to express their newfound maternal energy as “work moms” who nurture coworkers or acting as mentors. Caution:

When Cancer north nodes do get sentimental, their Hallmark moments can be over-the-top and a little awkward. (These are the people who might hang a “Live Laugh Love” plaque over their desks.)

North Node in Leo Sign

If your North Node is in Libra and the South Node is in Aries, you have achieved a great deal of self-confidence from past experience.

With a competitive drive, you’ve learned to make swift and critical decisions, concerned mainly with self-interest and self-love in the past.

Now you must take all of that self-esteem and spirit of competition and put it to work on behalf of others. Sharing and cooperation are keynotes as you learn to be sensitive to the needs of others.

The SN in Aries or in the 1st house instinctively knows how to meet personal desires. The individual has learned to satisfy personal needs; they are capable of new beginnings.

Moreover, they are born leaders possessing a powerful pioneering energy.

North Node in Virgo Sign

Virgo is ruled by bright Mercury and is associated with the left analytical brain. Pisces is ruled by dreamy Neptune and governs the creative right brain.

People with Virgo and Pisces lunar nodes are constantly balancing fact versus fantasy, intuition versus logic. You can be a powerful manifestation magnet but also a micromanager seeking answers and explanations.

While the sceptical Virgo south node says “seeing is believing,” the mystical Pisces south node argues, “believing is seeing.” At times, these nodes can go too far off the woo-woo deep end.

Other times, they can be overly hung up on material proof and comforts.

Your destiny may involve a career that is both creative and technical.

If you have a Virgo north node, you may find it difficult to follow the protocols and structures of the so-called “real world,” preferring to be guided by your inner voice.

Both lunar nodes can make too many sacrifices, helping others at your own expense. Interestingly enough, the most iconic martyr in history, Joan of Arc, was born with a Pisces north node.

North Node in Libra Sign

Libra north nodes walk the opposite path. With their fiercely independent Aries south nodes, they have spent lifetimes as free agents, operating independently and beholden to no one.

In this go-round, they are learning how to play well with others. S

haring, compromise, diplomacy—Libra north nodes will have eye-opening experiences that teach them these traits.

They may resist marriage or long-term relationships but also crave them.

When and if they do commit, Libra north nodes need plenty of solo time and breathing room.

In business alliances, they are the happiest working independently and can’t stand to be micromanaged. But they are happy to collaborate with others.

North Node in Scorpio Sign

Scorpio north node people are learning to embrace “what could be” instead of fixating on “what is.” They have spent lifetimes steeped in the material world as hardworking, practical people. They enjoyed spending money and could resurface as arbiters of luxury and beautiful taste.

Taurus rules the senses: touch, taste, smell, sound, sight. They might be gifted artists and musicians or have a keen sense of style.

This lifetime, indulgence and hedonism can be their downfall. The Scorpio north node pries them away from the physical and into the spiritual realm.

Scorpio north node people are learning about life beyond their senses and daily habits (work, eat, sleep, drink, screw, repeat). Scorpio also rules wealth and investments. These people are learning to make their money work for them, instead of just working for their money.

North Node in Sagittarius Sign

If your north node is in Sagittarius, you may be more comfortable in a close community where you are well-known. Travelling (a Sagittarius-ruled pursuit) could make you nervous, especially when you’re younger.

You could even have a phobia of flying! When you embrace the more full world, you go through massive spiritual growth.

Gemini is the sign of the Twins, and Gemini South nodes are forever seeking a kindred spirit who “gets” them.

These people need to push themselves to branch out and take risks, independent of their steady wingman.

Gemini rules the hands and these south node people may be gifted with theirs, working as craftspeople, musicians, writers or hands-on healers.

North Node in Capricorn Sign

Capricorn north node people have had many lifetimes in the feminine (Cancer) realm as caretakers, mothers, wives and dependents. In this life, they are learning the exciting new world of self-sufficiency.

Capricorn north nodes are moving from the role of nurturer to the position of a provider. However, too much time in the corporate world depletes their souls.

Even if they do go into an office, they need to add homey touches and create familial bonds with their coworkers. These are the people who bring cupcakes in or organise the company picnic.

Capricorn north nodes are creative and intuitive and need to apply these gifts to their goals. They may resist structure (their least favourite moment is taking a shower and leaving the house!).

However, when they stick to a simple plan that includes time for self-care, they thrive.

North Node in Aquarius Sign

When the North Node falls in Aquarius, you want excitement and pleasure in your life, but you can have a fear of losing freedom. You can be detached, rational and independent in your approach to friendship but friendships can develop into loving relationships.

You prefer a full circle of varied and diverse associates. However, temporary acquaintances and temporary arrangements can lack depth with resulting separations.

You have a belief that people have different abilities no matter what they do, and you can learn from them through their alternative ways of thinking, some of which can be diverse.

You have a strong desire for friendship, but you should not depend on other people to assist you in the achievement of your goals. They can let you down. You are developing independence. You like to share your unconventional ideas with your friends, and you make your decisions in consideration of everyone.

You relate to people as individuals, “who they are” and not their specific roles, status etc. You can see how people are unique, and you can involve yourself in their humanitarian ideals because you are aware that everyone has individual rights.

You can be wary of groups. You may circulate around the fringes, but you will not become deeply involved because they can become too controlling or too confining.

North Node in Pisces Sign

When the North Node falls in Pisces, you need your own private space. You are good at behind the scenes activities. You need time on your own to reflect and meditate because you find it hard to relax in social situations. You have an inspired mind, and you enjoy working on projects that involve ideas and visions. You should learn to become more flexible and temper your analytical tendencies, focus in the broader view instead of the fine details. You like things to flow in a well ordered and organised fashion; otherwise, you can become anxious. You can be hard on yourself and desensitise from your feelings. When you get in touch with your humanitarianism and give to others in selfless love, then you will be in touch with your inner essence, and you will know self-love. You have high expectations of yourself, and because you are so highly idealistic, you seldom achieve your expectations according to your ideal. You can have a compulsive need for everything to be in order according to your ideal, how your life should be. You can have a pre-occupation with perfection, and this can lead to persistent anxiety and tension. Your biggest issue is in strict discipline. You like things to be done correctly, and you may refuse to accept the fact that some things cannot be resolved. You should learn to surrender your inner tension to a higher power, and free your mind through meditation. Learn to place your trust in positive outcomes.


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