The moon sign shows the emotional and spiritual aspect of human beings, and so moon sign compatibility plays a significant role in how we connect with each other.
The moon signs also explain our personality and our wants regarding emotion, romance and love. Our relationship to the moon is a very worthy feature to connect us to the type of relationship we seek. Western astrology believes that the sun represents our outward behaviour to the world while the moon depicts our instinct and unconscious state of mind which brings out our passionate and relationship qualities. So many love poems trace down to the influence of the moon rays.

Moon Sign Compatibility: 3 things you need to know for marriage.

Marriage compatibility and the Moon

When thinking about soulmates, we are talking about someone we can share our innermost secrets with, someone on the same emotional level as you. A soul mate is meant to love you no matter what under any circumstance. Dreaming about having a soul mate just means you are turning your energy to the moon.
It can be deduced that an unyielding example of astrological combination includes the contact of one person’s Moon with another person’s sun or simply a connection between two moons. Most astrologers believe that when a person’s moon comes in contact with another person’s chart, there is a possibility of a sweet and lasting romance.
The moon sign is a first check for determining the compatibility of two people since the moon energy goes beyond physical and intellectual attraction, but it denotes a spiritual bond between lovers.
The Moon represents our emotions, the light and dark of how we express those feelings and so having someone with a compatible Moon can sometimes have that feeling of riding the same or similar emotional rollercoaster.

Phases and Tides

The chemistry of newly found attraction between two lovers can arise from heavenly bodies different beyond the moon. The Sun or Mars would often initiate a relationship, but they don’t determine how long it will last.
The moon denotes mysterious rhythms and sounds but it is either you begin to synchronise with your partner as you start a new life of living and breathing together or not since there is a connection between your lunar energies. Once you feel empty to the actions of your partner, then you should know that there is no lunar connection between you and your partner.

Moon & Marriage

Moon signs and marriage, in theory, should go together effortlessly. This not always the case. I have many a strong case for people who share the same moon sign or have a sun/moon connection, or their moons are trine each other and have them work in a marriage, but there are many determining factors to make sure that is the case.   The positioning of the other planets and the signs that they fall into, all contribute highly. However, a couple who have compatible moons might not have all of the boxes ticked in other areas, like Mercuries, or a Moon square Mars in synastry can undo all of that harmonious Moon/Moon compatibility if all factors in other are imbalanced.

Pulling it all together

The only way to solve the level of psychic connection between you and your partner is to understand and study your moon chemistry. Astrologers and professional psychics can explain the magic behind the moon chemistry. This incredible influence can just be deduced by always starring at the moon at any available time as this would help strengthen your awareness.
When the chemistry of the moon is well understood, it helps to reveal the magic behind a lasting relationship.