The Earth Signs of the Zodiac are Taurus, Virgo & Capricorn.

Let’s look to understand the sensibilities and usefulness of Earth signs and their dominant element, Earth.

Earth is real; you can see it, hold it, smell it. Suitably so, Earth signs are very “down to earth” and real. Earth is the foundation on which everything builds. Earth people are reliable and stable and composed of many different parts, they are multi-faceted people, like the many mineral compounds that make the land. There is nothing wishy-washy about these people, they do not have their head in the clouds, They are dependable, will always be there, and they are stable.

The element of Earth attaches to the signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, and it also rules the Second, Sixth and Seventh Houses. All the earthy metaphors are appropriate here: salt of the Earth, feet firmly planted on the ground and so forth. Those graced by an Earth sign in their horoscope are practical, grounded and dependable. These folks don’t take big risks; rather, they much prefer a sure thing.

Note: You do not have to be one of the earth sign to exhibit traits associated with earth. For example, you could have someone who is a Aries, but maybe has 4 or 5 planets in Taurus and Capricorn, and could still exhibit many earth-like qualities.

Earth Element Overview.

Signs: The earth signs are Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.

Houses: The earth element rules the 2nd, 6th and 10th Houses.

Light Traits: practical, grounded, common sense, hard working

Shadow Traits: stubborn, greedy, petty, excessively conventional


Earth is the element of strength, prosperity, growth, and stability. Earth is solid, rich, sultry, strong and dependable. (Mother Earth) Earth represents growth and the commitment it takes to make things grow. It is a slow and methodical element. Stability is Earth’s unique gift.

Earth is Yin, Passive, Female and Receptive. It represents sensations, patience, tolerance, dedication. Earth is the foundation for all the other elements. Earth symbolises commitment, permanence and form. It is facts and law, practicality and consequence. The senses – Seeing, smelling, hearing, tasting and touching are functions of Earth.

Much like the elements are considered the building blocks of nature, Earth signs are the builders of the zodiac. To these signs, creation is a sensible proposition. Whether it’s building jobs or a home, or creating comfortable rooms within that home through the acquisition of possessions, Earth signers are all about what is solid around us. Those influenced by this element feel best once they have accumulated a goodly number of worldly possessions. The risk inherent in this, however, is that these individuals may become greedy and far too materialistic.

The element of Earth also confers a sense of duty, responsibility and reliability to those in its sphere. These are the people you can count on to be there when you need them. Those influenced by Earth also tend toward caution and conservatism, in both desire and approach. That said, they are sensualists, certainly in that they appreciate a good meal and fine wine better than anyone else.

The logical mind of an Earth Signer is appreciated. In keeping with this measured approach, these folks also display considerable recuperative powers. On the flip side of things, however, those supported by Earth may be so caught up in their objectives that they might overlook the feelings of others. It is a big picture, after all, but these folks may be more concerned with the finish line than the journey they are taking.

Earth signs are dependable, practical and conservative, yet relatively materialistic. They have their feet on the ground but their eyes on the prize.



  • common sense, stability, dependability
  • a tendency towards being cautious, premeditative and conventional
  • a responsible, diligent, pragmatic, no-nonsense approach to life
  • the concern with physical well-being rather than spiritual attainment
  • reliability and steadfastness
  • realism, rigid conservatism, extreme materialism


  • to open up to new ideas and use of imagination
  • to guard against rigid, methodical, strait-jacketed mentality
  • to guard against being too predictable
  • to be less concerned with the physical and material and focus more on the abstract and emotional
  • to take a chance, to risk every now and again



  • disinterest in material gain and earthly possessions
  • a certain discomfort integrating with the environment
  • a simple inability to handle practical and mundane issues
  • an inability to ground – lost in space, building castles in the air
  • difficulty getting organised and finishing things
  • lack of common sense and reliability


  • to guard against confusion and insecurity
  • to improve understanding of the basics, the root or matrix of things
  • to learn to appreciate the simple things in life people take for granted
  • to ground grandiose schemes within a realistic framework

The Zodiac Earth Signs – An Overview

So now that we have discussed the earth element. As mentioned, there are the three earth signs. Let’s take a little look at them in a bit more detail.


The first earth sign, Taurus is the most stable and the strongest. Taurus are famous for their stubborn nature and their unwillingness to change. Taurus is earthy, sensual and wants harmony and happiness, creating it by their surroundings, holding tight to the people and the things in their life. They have a solid foundation and help other to build theirs too; they are dependable, nurturing and wise


The middle sign is represented by the middle of the earth, not quite on the surface and not quite deep down either. Stuck and indecisive. Virgo lives in their world on an earthly mental plane. They observe and think with quick analytical precision, and are flexible, helpful and stable. Virgo is the least physical of the earth signs.


Represented by the lower earth, Capricorn is the earth in it’s most basic and purest form. Just like the pure surface is made up of various elements, Capricorn has many sides and takes an interest in everything from materialistic possessions to solid to being a powerful status symbol. Sort of like the depths of the earth, Capricorn is mysterious and profound. They can be dark, not in a wicked sense, but in a sad sort of way since they are very conservative and have a difficult time with pleasure since they are so concerned and involved in their work and the most serious aspects of life.