Venus Retrograde

The Definitive Guide To Venus Retrogrades

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Like all of the other planetary retrogrades we have, Venus also goes into Retrograde.

The planet that rules over how we are in love, with money, with our hobbies and interests and how we are social with people.

All retrograde planets come back around to teach or show us something.

Let’s take a look at Venus Retrogrades

An image of Venus Retrograde and venus retrograde icon glyph logo. The Definitive Guide To Venus Retrogrades

What Is A Venus Retrograde?

What is Venus Retrograde

Venus retrograde is when the planet Venus appears to go backwards for several weeks from earth point of view.  It is not actually going backwards.  It is simply an optical illusion of its motion whilst it is orbiting the sun.

How Long Is Venus Retrograde?

  • The Venus retrograde cycle for a Venus retrograde is every 18 months.
  • The Venus retrograde period is about 5 weeks, every 18 months.
  • As with all retrogrades, there is a shadow period either side of Venus going retrograde and direct.

In astrology, Venus is the feminine planet assigned with bringing about love in all its forms.

However, Venus is the planet of pleasure: wherever she transits in our chart, love, attention, and money flow.

An image of Venus Retrograde and mercury retrograde. The Definitive Guide To Venus Retrogrades

Planetary Retrogrades

FACT: All planets retrograde, from Mercury to Pluto. Normally, there is at least 1 active retrograde at any given time.

Okay, let’s read more about Venus Retrogrades.

Venus Retrograde Meaning

What does Venus in retrograde mean when we are trying to analyse its impact on our lives.

Here we are talking about transitory retrogrades rather than people who have natal Venus retrograde in their birth chart.

Mercury retrograde rules:

  • Our Thinking
  • Interpreting Information
  • Communication

    But also…

  • Technology
  • Travel

The planet Venus rules over:

  • Beauty, love and romance
  • Harmony & Compassion
  • How we flirt
  • How we are social
  • Our hobbies/interests
  • How we like to spend our money.

With a retrograde Venus going into retrograde, anything ruled by Venus will go under the microscope for reassessing or revisiting.  Remember, retrogrades are about going inwards.

As Venus rules love and money, during a retrograde, it’s more about self-love and value.

Venus Retrograde effects

1 Relationships

 When Venus is in retrograde, it is not at all uncommon during Venus retrograde to face seemingly insurmountable challenges in love and relationships.

Like both Mercury and Mars retrogrades, sometimes old lovers or old flames from past relationships surface for healing and closure. Or it could be a time for love affairs.

People already in committed, loving relationships may find themselves in a romantic lull as affections cool down. Here, problems arise, or often the case – resurface.

Current relationships may feel uncomfortable. Venus retrogrades are the perfect opportunity to talk about romantic misgivings so you can focus on the business of loving confidently with clarity.

For others people, Venus retrograde reviews what we currently have and shows us red flags or serious deal breakers. This can signal the end of love.

It also possible that we can end up with the wrong person at this time.

Though the separation itself may be painful, with the benefit of hindsight, we may later acknowledge that a disparity of values was bubbling beneath the surface of our relationship, creating tension.

Often these are overlooked in relationships in exchange for keeping the peace or living in that bubble.

Armed with a more definite sense of what we want, and, perhaps, what we cannot do without, the likelihood of attracting the right partnership post-retrograde is greater.

New relationships started under the auspices of Venus retrograde may feel as if they have been perfectly crafted to push all our most troublesome buttons.


2 Money

Subconscious shadow material and psychological projections may flood the romantic plane as we find ourselves irrevocably intertwined in intense, charged, or problematic romantic entanglements.

Often, relationships started during Venus retrograde serve to teach us valuable lessons, some of which may cut ruthlessly close to the bone.

With planet Venus’ connection to aesthetics, beauty, art, and luxuries, we may be set to review and weigh up the same.

While Venus retrograde will ultimately award us a fruitful period for revisiting our artistic tastes and proclivities, it also makes this an inopportune time for charging ahead with creative projects.

Luxurious purchases of any kind made as our values undergo significant shifts are likely to feel ill-advised post-Venus retrograde and fill us with buyer’s remorse.

Design projects, shopping sprees, and ‘big ticket’ purchases like watches and jewellery would be better left for later in the year.

For similar reasons, Venus retrograde is not the ideal time for drastic changes in one’s appearance or beauty regimen, whether that entails a new hairdresser or aesthetician.

Venus also relates to elements of sexuality as well as conception, so it may be well-advised to take heed before jumping headlong into hedonistic bliss or procreation; better success will likely be had with either pursuit once Venus stations direct and exits the retrograde shadow.

When Venus Retrograde goes Venus Direct

This 6-week can be tricky for relationships. This is when our closest ties are tested. If a bond isn’t built, you’ll probably experience turbulence.

It’s an opportunity to go back over your relationship and do the necessary work. From here, you’ll see who’s willing to put in the investment and who in the relationship only shows up when things are easy, fun and enjoyable.

So when Venus finally goes direct, we should be clear about how now relate to others, especially on a romantic level.

It could be a bump astral ride!

Whenever Venus takes a leave of absence and goes retrograde, politeness can go out the window. You may notice more rude or brusque behaviour, and your own irritation with “stupid human tricks” will flare up faster. It will take a conscious effort to be kind and compassionate.

What Is Venus Retrograde Good For? 

Venus retrograde can bring a refreshing perspective our love stories, helping us step back and regain perspective.

  • Are we genuinely writing ourselves into proper romantic roles?
  • What can we do to change a less-than-stimulating plot-line that we’re struggling with?

Whenever any planet goes retrograde, the directive is to turn inward first: examining our motives, excavating hidden desires, even revealing a few past demons that maybe we haven’t adequately dealt with. Like with all retrogrades, the prefix “re” is where the retrograde magics at.  

So regarding Venus, it would look like:

  • repair
  • restore
  • revive
  • reunite

Venus retrograde demands that you look at people without with rose-coloured filters. Take them off a pedestal. See them through the lens of reality. That can be hard work at first.

Are your issues dealbreakers or issues that can be worked through together?

Venus Retrograde Transit

Transiting Venus retrograde occurs once every 18 months for a total of 42 days /six weeks.
This means Venus is retrograde motion only 7% of the year. The least amount of any planet.
And so, Venus retrograde is the most strongly felt of all retrograde planets.

Mercury Retrograde lasts for less time and passes quickly, so it its disruption is somewhat minimal.
When Venus is in retrograde motion, it is a time of reassessment and introspection.

It’s likely that become interested in someone else or something of value that now brings you pleasure.

During this time, Destiny encounters are possible. You may even come into contact with your soul mate.  You may also experience a feeling of inevitability or familiarity.

However, wait until Venus turns direct before you make your move.

During Venus in retrograde, it can feel like your love life enters a fated period.
Giving and receiving love and affection feels more difficult.

Old friends or lovers may reappear reach out and get in touch, or you may relive past life experience around love to sort out karmic issues.

Venus also rules money, and so it’s traditionally thought that Venus retrograde is not an ideal time for investing or buying luxury items.  Similar to that of a Mercury Retrograde.

The smart thing to do is to use Venus retrogrades to improve how you feel about yourself, to love yourself more. Remember, retrogrades are inwards.

Think about what really brings you pleasure and be in that space, mentally or physically. Find the reasons for the problems in past or current relationships. This is where old lovers are reappearing can help you clear away the history to make room for new relationships.

Even reminiscing about old partners will help to remove your karmic baggage and lighten the load.

Venus Retrograde & The Star Sign /Sun sign impact

For a really in-depth prediction, look at which houses and signs it crosses on your chart as this will reveal a lot about the particular area of your life most likely to be affected.

I lean more towards to analysing the natal houses in your natal chart that it transits.  

This way, we all get a flavour of Venus retrogrades, but our own charts give us the stage in which the retrograde will take place.

If you do not know your ascendant/rising sign, you can use out natal chart calculator.

1st House Venus Retrograde

Venus retrograde will start in the 1st house (Aries) of identity and will end in your 12th house of the unconscious. In the first three weeks of this transit, Venus retrograde will show you which parts of you aren’t in full alignment with your integrity.

2nd House Venus Retrograde

Venus retrograde here rules your 2nd house (Taurus) of resources: money, time, and energy. Do they reflect who you are? Are they in alignment with your values? Are you using your money and resources correctly? Look at your relationship with resources and money. It expresses how much power you allow yourself. It’s about you, not about the money. Look at your money mindset. Pay attention to your health, too.

3rd House Venus Retrograde

Venus retrograde in your 3rd house (Gemini) will rule over communication, everyday activities and the regular rhythm of life. Initially, the Venus Retrograde will be hectic. All your mental clutter and baggage and will come to the surface. To handle this, look at your 2nd house of money and assets. Do you secure with your finances? Are you spending your efforts on the right things? Looking here will tell you what you need to focus on.

4th House Venus Retrograde

Venus retrograde starts in your 4th (Cancer) house of emotional security, family, home and roots. Initially, this retrograde will require you to do ‘shadow work’ in these areas of your life. There is something deep that needs to be fixed. The solution? Be open and consider new ideas and different points of view. When you distance yourself from your emotions, you’ll see clearly what’s going on and make necessary changes from a place of awareness.

5th House Venus Retrograde

Venus Retrograde in your 5th house (Leo) rules the heart, creativity and fun. You could feel you have lost your spark or desire for life. To resolve this lack of motivation and vitality lay in your family life. Your energy is an expression of how nurtured, secure and emotionally safe you feel. Whether it’s an old unresolved issue with a parent, or with someone from your house, this is what you need to fix your heart.

6th House Venus Retrograde

Venus retrograde in your 6th house (Virgo) rules overwork, health, daily routine and service to others. Initially, these things can become a source of stress. You may feel fed up or disillusioned. You’ve worked so hard, yet your efforts yield little return. The secret? Connect to your heart. What is real and true to you?  Follow that.

7th House Venus Retrograde

Venus retrograde in your 7th (Libra) house ruling relationships and partnerships. Initially, in the retrograde, your relationships will be tested. You could be tempted to put an end to some relationships. However, it would be better to see if you can still work them out. When Venus moves back into your 6th house, it will help you sort things out from a place of humility and compassion. Even unbalanced things can be rewarding.

8th House Venus Retrograde

Venus retrograde in the 8th house (Scorpio) rules over shared resources, trust, intimacy, sex, debt and rebirth. You might feel you are doing too much and get too little in return. This can equal emotional confrontations and blow-ups. The solution is in your 7th house. It will show you how to be level-headed in situations and will teach you how to improve your conflict resolution skills.

9th House Venus Retrograde

Venus retrograde in your 9th house (Sagittarius) of Jupiter-ruled faith, purpose and vision. It could feel like you’ve lost your faith in life or your compass. To resolve this, look to your relationships with others. Your direction in life is closely connected to people you are close to, people you make agreements with, or share resources with. Look at the trust and agreements in place and whether they need revising.

10th House Venus Retrograde

Venus retrograde in your 10th house (Capricorn) of status, career, and achievements. A retrograde here points to how you can ruin your career by not paying attention to your overall vision. Go back to the drawing board to find the answers you’re looking for. Do you really have a purpose or you’re just trying to what others expect from you? Saturn wants answers. Is it in line with YOUR path. Not with societies.

11th House Venus Retrograde

Venus retrograde in your 11th house (Aquarius) rules, communities, friends, hopes and dreams. Is there a disconnection from your hopes and dreams? Are you looking for someone or something from the outside to make them happen? The answer this issue is found in your 10th house of the higher self. Be the change you want to see in the world instead of expecting the world to change.

12 House Venus Retrograde

Venus retrograde in your 12th house (Pisces) of the unconscious. Our blind spots, subconscious motivations, and overlooked opportunities. In the first part of Venus Retrograde, you may feel lost and alienated. The solution lies in with your 11th house of friends and groups of people.  Having a real connection with real people will restore your sanity.

Venus Retrograde: A Summary.

Okay, so now that we’re all up to date with Venus. Let’s just have a simple recap:

Try to:

  • Look at your relationships and your position in them.
  • Find the reasons for the problems in past or current relationships.
  • Close old wounds around self love and self value
  • Improve how you feel about yourself, to love yourself more.

Try not to:

  • Impulsive romantic decisions. Starting new relationships or breaking current ones.
  • Do not make investments or expensive purchases.
  • Take action without looking at the reasons behind the actions.

Venus Retrograde Dates 2020

Retrograde Dates 2020

Here are the dates of the Venus Retrograde:

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