There is no reason that you cannot start to learn astrology today. The complex type where you can predict information about people by studying celestial bodies and planets. Astrology is far more than just knowing what your Zodiac “sign” but here are some tips that will help you to become a better astrologer.

Learn Astrology Today:

1. Get a Birth Chart Copy

A birth chart or natal chart shows the positions of planetary bodies when you were born. This chart serves as the basis for the actions of all astrologers. You can get a copy by visiting the Astrodient website as the site helps astrologers since they provide free services like chart calculation or you can use our service here.

2. Surf the Internet For Free Astrological Resources Online

After getting your birth chart, you must be able to interpret it to know the meaning and the best way to learn this is by surfing the internet for valuable information that will guide you to learn about the chart and interpret it. We have our own learn astrology guide as well.

3. Study Lots of Books on Astrology

Most useful information on astrology derives from books. It is a must to have a sizeable library when studying astrology. Introductory books will be good to start with after which you can now advance to complex ones. Books like Cosmos and Psyche by Richard Tarnas and The Essential Guide to Practical Astrology by Elliot Ken, Parker’s Astrology by Derek and Julia Parker will introduce you to Astrology with a broader philosophical context.

4. Learn How to Read the Ephemeris and Follow Your Transits

One essential thing that will guide beginners is to get a general scope of the position of the planets in the sky at a given moment and the birth chart. The birth chart is a very useful tool that shows the position of all planets when you were born and the future positions of the planets in the sky at a particular date. It is believed that the movement of planets has a significant effect of what will happen In the course of your life. Ephemeris is a book that shows planetary positions every day of the year, and American Ephemeris is presently the most printed ephemeris. You should familiarise yourself with the Ephemeris to understand what signs the planets are. You should also use the Astrodienst personal daily horoscope to read the transits as well as planetary configurations daily. In other words, you can use the past occurrence under a particular transit to see how patterns may present themselves in the future.

5. Study The Birth Charts Of Your Friends And Family

Once you can get your mechanism of interpretation of your chart and you have equally understood your transits well, you can start applying the process with your relatives and friends. All you just need to do is to get their birth information to develop their chart. Interpret their birth chart results and take note of any place where the results depict the person’s actual life. You can also retrieve information online to compare biographies of favourite people and comparing them with a person’s chart. The beauty of Astrology comes out when you truly understand the process of someone’s life.

6. Use Online Forums to Stay Updated with Other Astrologers

It is very hard to locate people with a full understanding of astrology, and this usually poses problems for students of astrology. You don’t have to study astrology in isolation as there are opportunities to network with other astrologers online by joining valuable forums and mailing lists on the internet.

7. Attend Meetings With Other Astrologers In Your City

There would be a time when you need to meet astrologers physically, and this involves local meetings organised for every town, there is always one group of astrologers who meets at a particular time of the month. These meetings are held by a group of local astrologers organisation to discuss the topics on astrology presented by famous astrologers and creates an avenue where people with similar interests can meet. National Council for Geocosmic Research (NCGR) and other organisations are groups which have city chapters around the world.

8. Take Some Formal Training on Astrology

Once you have gotten the basics of astrology by meeting with other astrologers, you should consider taking some classes on astrology as this will speed up the learning process compared to learning on your own. You can only make your findings around your area or ask local astrologers that attend the meeting in your area about local astrology classes. You can also consider taking an online course if you can’t find any local class. Some astrology schools include Kepler College, The Faculty of Astrological Studies and The American College of Vedic Astrology.

9. Become a member An Astrological body

Although most organisations have their area of specialisations, some examples of astrology groups in the English-speaking world includes The National Council for Geocosmic Research, The American Federation of Astrologers, The International Society for Astrological Research, The American Council of Vedic Astrology and so on. Most of these organisations publish journals and newsletters. They also organise astrological conferences.

10. Attend An Astrology Conference

Attending astrological conferences provides educational opportunities and networking for astrologers. They hold the conferences periodically, and meetings help people who are new to astrology to learn from presentations and lectures as well as build friendship among astrologers with a perfect learning opportunity. There are quite many major conferences as well as smaller lectures and workshop happening at a different point in time this year. It is advisable to attend specific meetings that specialise on the topics that interest you.


If you had a goal on your list of things to do today that had “Learn Astrology Today” on it, you can consider it ticked off. The information on this list will put you on the right track of becoming an astrologer thereby becoming a professional in the interpretation of charts although, this requires patience and persistence after you must have completed these stated steps.
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